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S70 DIY Boost Gauge Install Complete Guide

S70 DIY Boost Gauge Install Complete Guide

MVS Volvo Forums Contributor mecheng crushes the ball out of the park with a guide on installing a boost gauge in an S70. This will be identical to V70 and XC70 Volvos, 1998-2000 model years, and very close to 850s. Here’s my 850 headliner boost gauge install.

Remember, it’s always the pink wire.

Ok, I realize this is not rocket science but there are some tricks and advice I can share and I haven’t found a complete guide to step people through this. It is not hard, but takes a bit of patience to do the job cleanly and safely as you are taping into electrical wires and adding new vacuum line.

If you are like me, you want to know how your engine is performing and boost / vacuum is a key parameter that can help diagnose leaks, boost fade, not reaching peak boost, etc.

S70 DIY Boost Gauge Install Complete Guide

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Volvo XC 60 Rear Brakes (Electronic Park Brake) Replacement

Volvo XC 60 Rear Brakes (Electronic Park Brake)  Replacement

MVS Forums member Tiny Tim 077 drops a nice DIY: Volvo XC 60 Rear Brakes (Electronic Park Brake) Replacement DIY, with photos.

Below I have put the instructions for replacing the rear linings with Electronic Park Brake. When I discovered that my rear linings needed replacing I got the parts and figured as I always do when replacing my own brakes it would be a hour job and not have to pay someone for something I can do.

This is a downloadable PDF. Click below to get it.

Very soon into the job I realised that the Electronic Park Brake (EPB) was going to be an issue. After research on the forums I soon realised that you needed a computer to retract the EBP motors to push back the pistons to get the new pads in. After an hour of searching one post referred to the instructions in the actual of the box of the new pads. I looked and true as nuts there were the instructions from Volvo without having to use a computer to retract the rotors.

Volvo XC 60 Rear Brakes (Electronic Park Brake) Replacement — download the PDF

Comments taken in the forum.

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Volvo is Green — Volvo Group Sustainability Report

Volvo Group Sustainability Report

Read the Volvo Group Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report describes how the Volvo Group addresses economic, environmental and social challenges and opportunities to contribute to sustainable development.

The Volvo Group takes social, economic and environmental responsibility to manage risks, create business opportunities and build trust. It is an effective way to contribute to the development and welfare of society and ultimately to fulfilling the Volvo Group’s vision – to become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions.

Volvo Group Sustainability Report

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A Summary of Volvo’s Recent Past

volvo logo

Volvo is one of the most iconic and best-known Swedish brands. Although a relatively small company, assembling fewer than 500,000 cars per year in recent times, it is arguably one of the best-known automotive companies world-wide. Its widespread recognition derives from its reputation for leading-edge safety technology and environmental compliance. It has traditionally been seen, especially in the United States, United Kingdom, and some continental European markets, as the supplier of the archetypal middle-class family car, especially its estate models.

It has had an eventful history, having moved from independence to being part of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group (1999–2010) and onto Chinese ownership in the last four years. Geely paid USD1.8bn for Volvo. After a period of some uncertainty, especially regarding what the new owners, Geely, really wanted to do with the company, it is now in the midst of revamping its entire model line-up and expanding geographically. An investment programme worth around USD11bn is nearing completion.

That sums it up in two paragraphs, concisely and with brevity. Source.

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Please Donate to the MVS Moderators

Please Donate to the MVS Moderators

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