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I Love My Volvo Stickers

I Love My Volvo Stickers

How many?

High-quality, UV coated stickers made by Ink Monstr here in Denver.

The stickers are 9 inches (22.9 cm) on the long dimension.

USA orders only, currently. I will look into Canada, Europe and others for appropriate shipping. USA orders = free shipping.

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S70 Dash Rattle Ghetto Fix

S70 Dash Rattle Ghetto Fix

MVS forums contributor and Volvo DIY Wizard™ cn90 slays yet another job with an outstanding and quick dash rattle fix:

My 1998 S70 is now for my kids to use for high-school. I simply don’t have 6-8h to take the dash apart, so I resort to a “Ghetto” Fix. Surprisingly, the result is very good, no more noise after I did this fix.

So, I want to dedicate a thread just on “ghetto” techniques for dash rattle.

This DIY only takes 10 minutes or so, skill level is 1/10, super easy.

1. To test the theory, I installed some cardboard as shown and sure enough, the noise is gone…

DIY: 1998 S70 Dash Rattle Ghetto Fix!

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1998 vs. 1999 Changes & Differences


Well, what are they? MVS Forums member (hey, it’s free, why not register?) j-dawg and the rest of the crew answer this important bit of Volvo trivia.

This is actually one of the more interesting bits of P80 lore, to me. No idea why.

98- cars don’t have the electronic throttle, VVT, solid lifters, as do (most) 99+ cars. 99+ cars use cartridge-style oil filters, where as 98- cars use canisters. if you were looking at a turbo, 99+ cars have engine oil coolers on the oil pan instead of in the radiator. 99+ T5s switched to the 16T turbo instead of the 15G that i think the 98s got. 99+ cars have a revised radiator design that still cracks. 99+ cars use a mechanical timing belt tensioner, whereas 98- cars used a hydraulic tensioner. the 99+ tensioner is more finicky, from what i’ve heard.

1998 vs. 1999 Changes & Differences

Tags 1998 vs. 1999, cartridge-style oil filters, ETM, lifters, oil cooler, Timing Belt Tensioner, VVT
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1999 V70R Possible Burnt Valve?

MVS Forum member HWG09 asks how to tell if his ’99 V70 R has a burnt valve, and what follows is literally pages of discussion on how to diagnose and treat burnt valve conditions.

Just in case I got a new coil in case #2 was bad. I put the new plugs in last night along with the coil and nothing changed. Still shaking.

Today I tried the new coil in every cylinder with no luck. So I’ve still got a shaking engine and CEL.

With the MAF Sensor I cannot for the life of me get the old one off of the hose. It twists around no problem but will in no way separate enough to pull it off. I thought it best to clean the existing sensor before installing my new one but no way to get it off. Any ideas?

I don’t really want to take the car back in to the shop since I’ve pretty much done everything they were gonna do but I’m not sure what my next step is.

Here is a video of how the engine is shaking these days…

1999 V70R possible burnt valve?

Tags Burnt valve, compression test, shaking
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A Volvo Hot Hatch, Maybe?


Imagine this with 300+hp

Rumors are swirling about a Volvo Polestar hot hatch based on the V40. Volvo would be aiming this car at the Ford Focus RS and VW Golf R. This category has been given new life with new models from Ford, Audi and VW. Volvo wants in.

  • over 300hp
  • possible AWD
  • almost certainly no manual transmission in North America (my speculation based on recent Volvo Polestars)


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