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How an Unrelated Part Can Void Your Insurance Claim

Good Rules to Know When Dealing With Insurance Claims

MVS Forums member mrbrian200 sees his insurance claim voided after his Volvo got hit… because of his parking brake.

Just so you know. Modern insurance companies are in the business to *collect money*. Claims are not viewed as a normal course of business, but treated as a liability against revenue. I’ve been fighting with the insurer/adjuster (State Farm) for nearly 4 months in an attempt to get them to address/repair the alignment issue resulting from a collision with their at fault driver. At this point it looks more likely that I will end up getting the car back, not repaired, covering the repair myself and pursuing the matter through small claims. I’ve been complaining about poor quality Bosch components since I purchased the vehicle. And this one may end up costing me big, both by having to cover the cost of the repair (I may or may not win in small claims), as well as the nightmare 4 month squabble with insurance co. and having to pursue the matter in court.

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1997 850 Hit 250k Miles – Thanks All!

Whoohoo! MVS Forums member dejongmc hit a quarter million miles in his 1997 Volvo 850, and and here’s his post:

Hereby I want to thank this forum to reach 250k miles (402.336 km) with my 1997 850NA.
Couldn’t do it without your help!

1997 Volvo 850 250k miles.JPG
Volvo launched an “official” High Mileage Club in 2012, but they’ve been giving out high mileage badges for decades.

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Identify Steering Rack Type from Data Plate


How to identify your 850, S70 or early V/XC/C70 steering rack as either made by SMI or TRW.

SMI Is 5 and TRW is 4

Data plate right side in engine bay inner fender…

Also look at the rack itself (duh):

Totally worth it to just take a look at the boots, the TRW racks say “TRW” on the rubber boot, if you see that then you have solved it for your car. The TRW racks are much more common, too.

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How To Replace The Head Gasket On A Volvo 850

NOTE: this tutorial is from Tracys True Soap site. It’s long been recognized as one of the finest DIYs on Volvo 5-cylinder head gasket repair. The site owner contacted me weeks ago, letting me know he was going to take his site down and offering me this tutorial. I didn’t get all the photos, but all the text is here.

In the next few days I’ll be formatting it and categorizing it better than it is now.

Intro, Replace The Head Gasket

This is a tutorial on how to replace the head gasket (and the other components involved in the process) on a Volvo 850. The vehicle depicted is a non-turbo 1996 Volvo 850. On a turbo, there may be some things a little different. But this should still be of use to you and help you in performing this repair (or in deciding whether you want to do it yourself).

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Locked Out, Volvo Battery Dead – V50

MVS ex-Moderator vegasjetskier tells us — with diagrams from the owner’s manual — how to unlock a modern Volvo that has a dead battery.

Need to unlock your Volvo that has a dead battery?

This is what it says in the owner’s manual:

Locking or unlocking the vehicle with the key blade
The driver’s door on vehicles equipped with keyless drive can be locked or unlocked with the remote control’s detachable key blade if necessary. See page 115 for information on removing the key blade from the remote control. To access the keyhole in the driver’s door:

  1. Pry off the keyhole cover by inserting the key blade or a small screwdriver in the hole on the underside of the cover (indicated by the arrow in the inset illustration in the center column).
  2. Insert the key blade as far as possible in the driver’s door lock. Turn the key blade clockwise approximately one-quarter turn to unlock the driver’s door only. This will trigger the alarm.

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