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What is DiCE?


DiCE is the Middleman

DiCE is electronic hardware that connects your Volvo to a computer running Volvo diagnostic software called VIDA. It allows two-way communication between VIDA and a Volvo car, primarily to enable a mechanic to either get diagnostic information from the Volvo to fix a problem, or to update the Volvo with the latest Volvo software (“service updates”). This Ain’t All…

How to Set up DiCE on a Mac


MVS Volvo Forums Contributor kallekula put together a wonderful DIY on setting up DiCE on a MacBook Pro. Because DiCE runs on Windows, you must use Windows inside a virtual machine to make DiCE work on a Mac. This Ain’t All…

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Transmission/Drive-E Problem on New S60 Models?

Volvo Drive-E engine

It looks like there may be a transmission or transmission programming problem with Volvo S60 models with the Drve-E engine. Here’s a post on Volvo’s own support forum about the problem. MVS member odonnebj has a Drve-E problem in his 2015.5 S60 that may be related. He includes sound files in his post, but it’s hard to get a fix on what’s going on from them.

This Ain’t All…

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Amsoil Power Foam

Amsoil Power Foam

Longtime MVS Forums member Geevs asks about Amsoil’s Power Foam intake & combustion cleaner, and gets many good responses and alternatives. MVS Contributor kcodyjr…

Sucking something in through the manifold causes the engine to stall, and the chemical sits on the pistons and rings. You let it sit, then start it up to burn it off. It wouldn’t be in contact with the valve mating surfaces until it’s itself become an exhaust product.

Cleaning an engine with Seafoam, and the Amsoil sounds similar, is a good idea according to some and useless according to others, and some cite a risk of hydrostatic lock-up. Personally, I’m a believer. But, it’s not going to do much for exhaust valves, unless you do it with the car suspended upside-down.

This Ain’t All…

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Meyle Outer Tie Rod After Approx. 12 Months


Meyle Outer Tie Rod Followup

MVS Contributor theWIFES_S70 (Marco) follows up after about 12 months on the status of a Meyle outer tie rod.

When folks tell you not to buy something on her, they’re telling you because they care.

Meyle Left Outer Tie Rod https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/volvo-tie-rod-end-left-960-c70-s70-v70-850-2
There’s a reason why it costs half the price of the Lemforder…

My tie rod hasn’t exactly “failed” yet. But you can see the crack in the rubber and the grease coming out of it already. It’s on borrowed time. So much for a “German” part.

98 S70, Meyle Outer Tie Rod (approx 12 mos)

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