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Volvo Furniture – 240 Seats Become Chairs

240 Seats Become Chairs

Volvo furniture – 240 seats become chairs? Yep. MVS Volvo Forums member Adler made home furniture chairs from Volvo 240 seats.

If you’ve ever thought about making furniture from old Volvo parts, and I know I have, Adler’s project will interest you. He even made the seat heaters work!

This is my gearhead ikea project. I think I started on this because my couch was stupid and uncomfortable. Being a Volvo nut, I found a full set of ’93 240 sedan seats on ebay for cheap money and the guy even delivered them to me in his 240DL! I stripped the upholstery off to give them a little cleaning but they weren’t in bad shape to begin with. I found both the thermo switches in the heat panels were dead so I ordered new ones and new tilt knobs from a volvo dealer in Illinois. Took weeks for them to find the parts but they finally arrived.

I borrowed a friend’s mig welder and made up some legs for the two front seats to bolt to.

Then I got some original seat heater switches, a 12v 350w power supply, some cabling and fittings and other odds and ends and put it all together in a circuit breaker box.

I used mil spec male and female connectors that thread together for attaching the 12v cables to the control box so if I want to move the seats somewhere else(outside??), it all disconnects.

I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out since I was winging it most of the time. Arm rests would be nice though…The lumbar works, tilt knobs work, driver’s seat moves up and down in the front and back, and the heat is very quick. I have yet to do anything with the backseat. There’s not much room in my house for it so I’m not sure if I will build a frame for it. I would have to get creative with the frame since the back seat doesn’t have any metal structure on the outside to bolt to.

240 Seats Become Chairs

240 Seats Become Chairs

Volvo Furniture – 240 Seats Become Chairs

Tags 240 seats, Volvo 240, Volvo furniture
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DIY 2005 XC90 2.5T Rear Brake (Parking Brake) Overhaul

2005 XC90 2.5T Rear Brake (Parking Brake) Overhaul

MVS Volvo Forums writeup expert CN90 demonstrates how to DIY your 2005 XC90 2.5T rear brake (parking brake) overhaul, with many photos to illustrate his steps.

2005 XC90 with 95K miles. Symptoms: squeaky rear brake during stop, also RR rotor lost a chunk of metal (see photos).

If you have done Parking Brake shoes before, this is similar to other Volvos. I wrote a DIY Parking Brake for 1998 S70 previously, info in forum.

Over the years, I have found that after 8-10y/80K+, the parking brake shoes delaminate, the friction material just simply falls off, perhaps due to trapped heat inside the drum portion of the rotor.

No matter what car you own, after some 8-10y/80K+, just do a brake overhaul.


  • Purchased from autohausaz.com, rmeuropean.com and Volvo dealer in Lisle IL (See their website).
  • ATE rotor: made in China
  • Rear Brake Pads: Jurid made in India
  • Parking Brake Shoes: Pagid made in Germany.
  • New retainer springs, big spring, small spring from Volvo OEM. See photos for PNs.
    So…my XC90 is now multi-ethnic lol…
  • Oh, during adjustment, the adjuster clip (inside the cabin) fell into a black hole, fished for 1/2h with the telescopic magnet, no luck. So get an extra one PN 30683358, $2-$3 at dealer.


  • Safety is #1 concern, so when working on RR wheel, chock the LF wheel on both the fore and aft parts as shown. I am a minimalist, my garage is tight, although I can afford a 3-ton floor jack, I don’t want it simply b/c I don’t have space and also it is heavy at 70 lbs+. I have a trust-worthy 2-ton floor jack ($20 at Harbor Freight or Advance Auto)…I simply add 2 pieces of 2×10 lumber (SUV has high ground clearance, so the lumber pieces raise the floor jack up), some plumbing adaptor, piece of tire rubber as cushion and I am good to go.
  • Place jackstand below the control arm as shown. Then I SLOWLY lower the jack a bit, as if to share the load so roughly 50% of jackstand and 50% on floor jack. Another way is to lower the floor jack and gently jack it up until it is snug against the jack point. Then give it 1-2 more pumps.

DIY 2005 XC90 2.5T Rear Brake (Parking Brake) Overhaul

Tags DIY, parking brake, parking brake shoe, Rear Brakes, XC90 brakes
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DIY Rear Upper Chassis Brace for P2 Volvos


MVS Volvo Forums member Beck shows us how he made a chassis brace for his 2004 V70:

Made a chassis brace for the wagon from some easily sourced Home Depot items.

Chassis brace is really stiff and aside from improving the handling characteristics of the car it has also removed all the creaking you hear when pulling out of driveways etc.

Only downside of this project is that the floor boards no longer sit flush. For me, it was an easy tradeoff for the increased stiffness and sharper handling.

DIY rear upper chassis brace

Tags chassis brace, chassis flex, fight flex, strut brace
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