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Replace Window Switches on Volvo S70 & V70

By Ajay

You are driving along on the freeway, decide to roll down the window to enjoy the one sunny day you get per week (in Seattle). Pretty soon you realize it is not exactly as warm as it seems and you would rather not have the cold wind hitting the left side of your face. (the prettier side I would like to think). So you decide to roll up the window, but now the glass does not want to go up anymore. No amount of frantic pulling on the button will help. The window will not budge. You try pushing it down – it will go. But it refuses to go up – making you even more frustrated! In some cases you might smell something burning, and notice smoke coming out of the power window switch. Not good.

So that was *me* a few days back! Call me old fashioned, but driving with the window down on rainy days is not fun folks (and we get a few of those rainy days around here!). In summary, the power window switch needed fixing or replacing in my S70.

Let us try fixing (the cheaper option), before replacing. In my version of the story, fixing did not work. And that was not for lack of trying. I ended up buying a new switch bank (from ebay – God bless Ms. Whitman).

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Volvo 850 Repairs & Fixes

Here is a legacy list of various 850 repairs I’m moving to the VRD, for posterity.

Replacement of entire sunroof system Member, atikovi was having trouble with the sunroof not working properly and decided to go to a junk yard and retrieve an entire unit- frame, motor, cables, etc. He then documented (with pictures) how to take it out and then install it into his S70 with success! Although this is for an S70 it should be about the same for any first generation 70′s model and 850′s. Thanks atikovi !

Rear Drive Axle R&R for early AWD’s This is a write-up from holler1 w/ picture on how to remove and replace a rear drive axle in an early 850 or 70 series AWD. Nice job! I think this is a first of this write-up I’ve seen anywhere on the web.

Clutch GAP fix- not the Ghetto fix This is the an official clutch gap fix from a Volvo tech…sent in from someone on another site, but thanks! We’ll use it here.

This Ain’t All…

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Brake Shim Replacement 850/S70/V70/C70

By Tsquared

I recently replaced my rear wheel bearing and noticed that I needed to replace my rear pads as well. These were original pads that had minimal life left after 100k miles. I looked at the R&R procedure from the VolvoSpeed Bay 13 website [link no longer active -Matt] and proceeded to jump in for a rear brake job. It went well, no surprises, for a simple maintenance procedure that rates a 3 on my 10-point skill level of difficulty (9 and 10 being an engine or transmission overhaul – call the expert). The bearing replacement was successful and I had new rear brakes.

Then after about 100 miles the rear brakes started to squeal. Not just a light squeal, but the annoying, hey-look-at-me-I-have-something-wrong type of squeal. After a web search on rear brake squeal I learned that there is an Anti-squeal shim that Volvo came out with on a TSB. Also, a plethora of opinions on OEM vs. aftermarket brake parts and grease (I won’t go there). I couldn’t find anything other than a picture of the improved shim. Here are the steps for replacing the shims – very similar to a rear brake job.
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Replace your Serpentine Belt 850/S70/V70/C70


serpentine belt for Volvo 850 There is only one belt besides the timing belt in 850/S70/V70/C70 models, and it’s called the
‘serpentine belt,’ ‘accessory belt’ or ‘auxiliary drive belt,’ depending on who you ask.
It transmits power from the crankshaft of the engine to the alternator, steering pump and air conditioning compressor.

Check your owners’ manual for the change interval. My 1997 850‘s interval is at the 60k miles mark, which is where I’m at today.
If you have your Volvo serviced regularly at a Volvo dealer or independent
Volvo repair shop, it’s probably on their radar, and you probably don’t have to ask them to perform this.
If they’re good,
you’ll know if this belt has been changed recently or if it will be soon because they will have discussed this with you.

This Ain’t All…

Tags Continental part # 6PK-1743, DIY, serpentine belt
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2008 V70 Tail Light Lens Replacement


New MVS Forums member popphl explains how to replace 2008+ V70 and XC70 tail light lenses:

Just wanted to share since it took me a bit of googling and sweat to complete what seemed as though it should have been a simple job.

I replaced the right lower tail light lens assembly, which was damaged in a parking mishap.

The part was about $120. To replace the assembly, you remove a carpet panel from the cargo area to access the taillight from inside. Remove 3 nuts from the retaining posts with a 10mm deep socket wrench — the access hole is very small, so you may have to turn it with your fingers.

There are still two tabs holding the assembly on, and you’ll have to partially pull off the bumper cover to access them. There are 4 torx screws in the wheel well area holding the bumper cover on, the lowest of which is pretty close to the tire. I had to attach a T20 bit to a screwdriver with a 90-degree bending head in order to get it off. Then there is one more screw under the rubber pad where the liftgate hits when it closes. Once those 5 screws are out, you can pop off that side of the bumper and remove the 2 hex head lugs that are holding on the bottom of the taillight assembly. You should be able to lift it, disconnect the wiring harness, and put in the new one.


2008 V70 tail light lens replacement

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