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Change the Fuel Pump DIY, 2004 XC70

Fuel Pump DIY, 2004 XC70

New MVS member — and now MVS Contributor — Allgonquin cranks a DIY out of the park with this very nice DIY writeup w/ photos on how to change the fuel pump on a 2004 Volvo XC70:

OK, I think this is my first post, bear with me. I researched this topic on the net before doing it myself, but didn’t find a really definitive DIY. So here is a shot at a step by step replacement of the fuel pump on my relatively new-to-me 2004 XC70. Symptoms were a strong fuel smell on the exterior of the car, more prevalent on the passenger side. Did the research, read about the recall, called Volvo, the extended warranty on my car expired in June, so I missed it. Volvo customer rep on phone said to take it in and, if diagnosed, they _might_ help me. Had a buddy who did the job on his 2004 XC90, his skills are roughly equivalent, so I decided to go for it. Good for me he had bought the special tool. So here goes.

Let’s change the fuel pump on a 2004 XC70

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Pro Tip: How to Store a Car

How to Store a Car

MVS Volvo Forums Contributor mecheng documents his 2-year storage efforts of his 1998 S70:

After successfully storing a car for 2yrs with no issues, I can say bits and pieces of the info given is correct.

Yes, make sure you run the stabilizer through the engine and not just dump it in the gas tank. Do not drive it every week; if you are you are just wasting gas and not really storing it.

Disconnect the battery, and leave it. If you do drive it make sure it is not a short trip. Will do more harm. You don’t need to drive it anymore than once every 2 months; but you can also just leave it.

I drove it every 2 months or so to reduce possibility of tire flat spots, keep the brakes rust free and the suspension bushings okay.

If its outside, keep rodents at bay with mothballs and cover the exhaust pipe. Indoors is much better for the car.

1998 S70 T5M Storing Advice

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Sheared Off Brake Guide Pin – Dangerous?

Sheared Off Brake Guide Pin

MVS Volvo Forums member jreed talks us through drilling out a sheared-off brake guide pin:

Thanks to all the good info here on the site the job went pretty well, until near the very end I overtightened one of the guide pins that attaches the rotor to the hub, shearing it off.

I was using a torque wrench set to the 6 ft-lb specification, but I used a 3/8″ drive 5-80 ft-lb wrench, which is right at the lower end of its range — probably not accurate… I probably should have been using my 1/4″ drive 20-200 in-pound (1.6 – 16 ft-lb) wrench instead. Lesson learned.

Sheared Off Brake Guide Pin – Dangerous?

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Replace Rocker Switch Bulb ’93-2000 Volvos


MVS Forums Moderator Phil: I had a couple bulbs out on my sunroof and tracs switch so I decided to replace the bulbs. Here is a write up on how to do it if anyone needs it..

Here is the replacement bulb you’ll need. I had to order from Radio Shack. ( part # 272-1092 ) It was like 5 bucks for 4 bulbs… for this Rocker switch bulb replacement.


98 Volvo C70 How-to Replace Rocker Switch Bulb

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