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How COLD is your AC? What’s Your Temp Drop?


Good thread on procedure to measure AC charge on P80 cars from expert jimmy57…

MVS forum user cn90′s opening question:

Since I bought the car new (1998 V70) in 1998, our family has noticed that the AC is “cool”, not ice cold.

  • AC Clutch checked/shimmed and gap is 0.30mm. Compressor runs well, zero issues.
  • Low Side R134a pressure is 45 psi with engine running and AC “On”.
  • Ambient Temp today is 90F.
  • Temp at Center Vent (Fan Blower Motor at 3/5 setting) is 68F, or a “temp drop” of only 22F!
  • (For comparison purpose, my 1998 BMW 528i has center vent of 60F on the same day, or a “temp drop” of 30F)
  • Ideally the “temp drop” (the difference between ambient temp and center vent) should be 30-40F.

So the $1M question for all you guys Volvo heads….how “cold” is your AC?

In other words, what is your “temp drop” when your AC runs properly?

How COLD is your AC? What’s Your Temp Drop?

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2000 V70R – Rear Calipers No Longer Available, Retrofit Is

2000 V70R - Rear Calipers No Longer Available

MVS Contributor and 5-year member Neil:

I think my rear calipers are ok for now, but I am concerned that as Blockpartie suggested the calipers for the rear are NA. What do you do if they need to be replaced? Is there somewhere that can repair them or can sell a piston and seal kit?

Part # is: 9492235/6 (LH and RH).

I am especially ticked as I have a set of brand new vented Volvo rear rotors waiting their turn to be needed.

What is it on the calipers that wears out other than the pistons rusting or seals failing? I know the slider pins wear but is there anything else to watch out for?

2000 V70R – Rear Calipers no longer available, retrofit is.

Tags 9492235, 9492236, brakes, piston and seal kit, rear calipers
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Towing a Volvo Long Distance

Towing a Volvo Long Distance

I have also towed with a 1/2 ton Suburban, and although the rear end does sag a bit when loading a car on a u-haul transport. But, putting the car on backwards on the transport can be REAL dangerous, as in, an uncontrollable trailer sway. I have seen a 1/2 ton chevy pickup going down the highway, with an off road tubular frame rear engine buggy loaded on the trailer backwards.

With a very slight crosswind, he was ALL OVER his freeway lane. He had real bad case of uncontrollable trailer sway. Please put the car on front end first on to any auto transport trailer. I also prefer the auto transport over the dolly. Not only does the transport tow easier, it has brakes, as mentioned before. It also has the appropriate trailer lights. Unless you want to run your own wiring to the back of your volvo ( I did when I towed my ’90 Honda Accord on a dolly), the back of your volvo will not lite up when connected to a tow dolly. No tail lights and NO BRAKE lights. Yes, the tow dolly has those lights, but they are up by the front wheels of the towed vehicle. Not safe in the day time, and Dangerous at night!

Towing for Long Distance Move



The photos included in this post are not representative of the content per se. They’re just images I found on the Web :-). – Matt

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Volvo XC60 Electronic Park Brake Replacement

Electronic Park Brake

Here’s a Volvo XC60 Electronic Park Brake Replacement Procedure from MVS (now) Contributor Tiny Tim 007… a beautiful DIY in PDF form for XC60 owners:


Below I have put the instructions for replacing the rear linings with Electronic Park Brake. When I discovered that my rear linings needed replacing I got the parts and figured as I always do when replacing my own brakes it would be a hour job and not have to pay someone for something I can do. Very soon into the job I realised that the Electronic Park Brake (EPB) was going to be an issue. After research on the forums I soon realised that you needed a computer to retract the EBP motors to push back the pistons to get the new pads in. After an hour of searching one post referred to the instructions in the actual of the box of the new pads. I looked and true as nuts there were the instructions from Volvo without having to use a computer to retract the rotors. So I took some pictures of the procedure hoping this will help other DIY folks. Please note that this worked for this helps Good luck!

Volvo XC60 Electronic Park Brake Replacement

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I Love My Volvo Outback

I Love My Subaru Volvo

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