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2008 V70 Tail Light Lens Replacement


New MVS Forums member popphl explains how to replace 2008+ V70 and XC70 tail light lenses:

Just wanted to share since it took me a bit of googling and sweat to complete what seemed as though it should have been a simple job.

I replaced the right lower tail light lens assembly, which was damaged in a parking mishap.

The part was about $120. To replace the assembly, you remove a carpet panel from the cargo area to access the taillight from inside. Remove 3 nuts from the retaining posts with a 10mm deep socket wrench — the access hole is very small, so you may have to turn it with your fingers.

There are still two tabs holding the assembly on, and you’ll have to partially pull off the bumper cover to access them. There are 4 torx screws in the wheel well area holding the bumper cover on, the lowest of which is pretty close to the tire. I had to attach a T20 bit to a screwdriver with a 90-degree bending head in order to get it off. Then there is one more screw under the rubber pad where the liftgate hits when it closes. Once those 5 screws are out, you can pop off that side of the bumper and remove the 2 hex head lugs that are holding on the bottom of the taillight assembly. You should be able to lift it, disconnect the wiring harness, and put in the new one.


2008 V70 tail light lens replacement

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ATF Flush Vs Drain And Fill, And Frequency


Nice discussion of flush vs drain and fill, and frequency in this thread.

How often do you guys flush your ATF?

Tags ATF, ATF flush, automatic transmission fluid, flush frequency
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P2 Tailgate Rear Hatch Wiring Pictures, Repair


MVS Volvo Forums (now) Contributor bestows the knowledge of how to fix P2 Volvos’ tailgate rear hatch wiring, with pictures. Awsome.

V70 Tailgate Wire Harness Repair

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Vacuum Transmission Fluid 2001-2007 Volvos

MVS Volvo Forums Contributor Jimmy57 and others discuss how to get transmission fluid out of 2001-2007 V70 and XC70, and other P2 type Volvos.

If you have no way to put car up on stands or on ramps then you could suck it out through dipstick. I have had these transmissions apart and the dipstick is a straight path to bottom of trans. IF you use suction then the front of the car being even 2 inches lower than rear (rear tires run up on two 2×4 pieces) would let fluid run to the front where the dipstick is located for a more complete capture.

Get 4 quarts. IT will take 3 1/2 more or less. I would put 3 1/2 in and then run it and check it.

The funnel needs to be 1/2 OD on end or it will not go into the dipstick tube. I have a funnel with a 8 inch length of 1/2 OD clear vinyl tubing that I use for these. The tubing can be pushed down through a funnel and will seal.

2006 V70 Transmission fluid drain and fill with vacuum extra

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1999 V70 T5 Manual Trans Drain Fill Plug Pictures


Pictures of 24 mm drain and fill plugs views from left front wheel well.

1999 v70 t5 manual trans drain fill plug pictures

Tags 5 speed manual, manual transmission, Transmission Fluid Drain & Fill
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