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98 C70 Seat Adjust

98 C70 Seats

On my 98 C70 the lever on the side of the seats so you can move the top forward so someone can get in or out of the back isn’t working. Ive never messed with the internal workings on these seats any ideas on whats wrong and how to fix?

98 C70 Seat Adjust

Tags C70 seats, seat cable, seat fix, seat folding forward
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2005 S40 Speedometer LEDs

S40 Speedometer LED

MVS Forums member bwk97volvos4005 shows us how to fix broken speedometer lights on his Volvo S40.

My 2005 S40 speedometer LEDs quit working. These are little LEDs that are soldered directly to the board that controls all gauges. There are several posts on how to get the gauge cluster out. Once you do that you can take the whole module apart (with just a phillips screw driver) to get to the LEDs. You can un-solder the little rectangular LEDs that are bad and replace it with an LED out of a flashlight (I used red and it looks great!).

2005 S40 LED replacement for gauges

Tags Instrument Cluster, LED, LED lighting
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VIDA DICE: What to buy?

VIDA disk

AliExpress? 2012A? 2012D? XP? Windows 7? 

These questions sound familiar? Maybe you need to read this Volvo Forum topic, wherein MVS members discuss how they got DiCE running on VIDA.

The one I bought from AliExpress was junk. The seller gave me the run around until it was too late to make a claim. It was a waste of $100. After all hopes of returning the DiCE had vanished, I took it apart to see that a transformer had apparently been damaged while being soldered. This DiCE came with the 2012A version of VIDA.

VIDA DICE: What to buy?

Tags 2012D, AliExpress, Autosky, COM port driver, DiCE, VIDA, Windows 7 64-bit
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Tire Sizing Question For 850

I love this stuff. So much so I grabbed some details on the three tires mentioned in this topic (click Read More link below). Text taken from TireRack.com and Toyotires.com.

If you need tires, (shameless plug) please use the MVS -> TireRack Promotions page. It helps this site when you click any Tire Rack link (and buy something).

Bolds are mine, what I found interesting or noteworthy.

Tire Sizing Question For 850

Categories Buyer's Guide Tires
Tags 205/55R16, All Season tires, Bridgestone, buy tires, Dunlop, Ecopia EP422 Grand Touring tires, SP Sport Maxx TT, Toyo, Versado LX
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Should I buy a 1996 Volvo 960?

Volvo 960

MVS Volvo Forum member Gladys asks if 1996 is a good vintage for the Volvo 960 model. Ethan responds with good tips on this year of 960, what to look for, what to expect when buying a used Volvo:

- 1996 was a fine year for the 960. The car went virtually unchanged from 96-98.

- Specific issues: disintegrating wiring harness for the ignition coils is the most serious problem IMHO. This and broken timing belts are what is taking these cars off the road.

-For a non-mechanic to own an 18 year old car, the car needs to have a value beyond resale. A 960 could be such a car if it were well maintained. For example: I bought my 96 960 for $1200 and spent $1300 fixing it up. I have $2500 into a $2000 car. However, I can’t find a nicer, safer, or more reliable car for $2500, so it is a good value to me.

-Service and maintenance parts are readily available. Interior and trim parts are being phased out.

1996 960 Should I buy?

Tags 960, Buyer's Guide, how to buy a used Volvo
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