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What’s Up With Volvo’s Security Screws On MAF?

Security Screws On MAF

MVS Volvo Forums ninja instarx asks a great question: why the practice of securing the MAF sensor with security screws?

“Bought a new MAF and what a difference! Easy starting, smooth running.

But what’s up with the 5-point security screws that mount the sensor? Why does Volvo think its so important to not unscrew it? It’s just a sensor inserted into a plastic collar.

I ask because my replacement MAF assembly has a diameter that is a bit too large to fit into my filter housing and air duct (I had to duct tape it in place). I want to put the new sensor into the old assembly, but there are those darn 5-point security screws. Why does Volvo think that never removing that part is so critical?”

What’s up with the security screws on the MAF?

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Dipstick Tube O Ring Replacement

Dipstick Tube O Ring

Well done dipstick tube O ring replacement by MVS Volvo Forums superstar Jreed!

“During a routine oil change last week I noticed a little oil seeping out around the base of the dipstick tube where it enters the oil pan. I ordered a new seal ring from IPD (using the ad link above — great prices these days at IPD!) and installed it this morning. There were several write-ups already on the site about part numbers but none that I could find that showed the procedure…”

1997 Volvo 855 GLT Dipstick Tube Seal Ring Replacement

Tags o-ring, oil Dipstick
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ECU Failure in a ’99 V70-XC

ECU and TCU in a Volvo 850

A rare ECU failure, something that’s becoming more common in Volvo P80 models as they age. Here’s what it looks like from a diagnosis viewpoint.

1999 V70XC I’m stuck – I need ideas.

Tags ecu, P80
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iPD Free Shipping in January

Save some dollars! I just got this email from iPD:

Happy New Year to all our wonderful customers! 2015 is going to be a great year for ipd and the Volvo community. ipd is kicking off the new year by offering free ground shipping for all orders that are $49.00 or more through the month of January. Maybe you didn’t get that Volvo performance part you were hoping for during the holidays. Maybe you live in a harsh climate and your Volvo could use some additional maintenance to get you through the upcoming winter months. Now’s the perfect time save and take advantage of this special offer!

*Exclusions apply: exhaust systems, trailer hitches, skid plates, splash pans, roof racks, intercoolers, axles, wheels etc. To see if an item is excluded, add it to your shopping cart and view the shipping options at checkout. Offer good to lower 48 states. Offer ends January 31, 2015.


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Cleaning Headlight Reflectors

Cleaning Headlight Reflectors

MVS Contributor WagonLagan went out of his way to painstakingly document a reflector cleaning, including what to do and what not to, photos, results, etc. In the end, he essentially conducted a detailed experiment on cleaning corroded headlight reflectors. Here are his tips:

  • It’s surprisingly easy to tell if your headlight is still reflective or not. When I found the good one in the salvage yard, I could look through the clearer parts of the glass and see the reflection. If you can’t do that, it’s likely your headlight reflector is getting pretty yucky.
  • Be careful when removing a headlight from a junk car. Water had accumulated in the bottom of the headlight assembly, and because I was careless it splashed up onto the reflector, causing my need to clean/rinse it in the first place.
  • I would not feel comfortable using isopropyl alcohol straight on a reflector I intended to use.
  • I’d wager that any type of cleanser is likely to damage, or has a strong potential to damage, the headlight reflectors.
  • I see no possibility whatsoever to polish the inside reflector. As I understand it, it is vapor-deposited aluminum, not chrome paint, and would therefore simply wipe off or become discolored.
  • Any physical attempt at cleaning the reflector is very likely to do more harm than good.

Cleaning Headlight Reflectors

Tags cloudy headlights, Dull headlights, headlight condensation, headlight reflectors
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