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Timing Belt Tension Specification on a 1998 Volvo

Timing Belt kit


MVS Forums member RickHaleParkerI’ll be replacing the timing belt with IPD kit 120612 on a 1998 C70 Coupe, Engine B5234T3 with mechanical tensioner and 142 tooth timing belt. I do not have the Volvo tension gauge. I do have a Universal Cam Belt Tension Gauge. Does anybody know the recommended deflection and force for the timing belt? Where should I place the Tension Gauge?


MVS Forums Contributor jimmy57Volvo does not publish belt tension specs for “white” engines. The hydraulic tensioner took care of it and then the eccentric tensioners have the goalposts as marker for the correct tension range with engine cold.

The cast iron block 16 valve 4 cylinder had a spec of 4 but no unit was listed since the tool was provided by Volvo and it had no units on its face, just the numbers.

I worked for the manufacturer when that car was new and there was no information in any of the published info for technical personnel.

1998 C70 Coupe, Timing belt tension specification

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MSD Ignition Coil Install Photos

MSD ignition coil install photo

MSD 8207 Blaster Ignition Coil installation photos from when I put this on my 1997 Volvo 850 T-5. There’s no gotchas or complexity here. If you can turn a wrench you can do this. This MSD has worked fine, no complaints at all. It’s a solid part of any Stage 0.

Need ignition theory? Read the MVS Fast Friday™ entry on Volvos and ignition.

MSD Ignition Coil Install Photos

Tags increase mpg, MSD 8207, MSD Blaster SS, MSD Ignition Coil, photos, Stage 0
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Replace steering rack on a Volvo 850

steering rack

MVS reader Nathan sent me a finely detailed writeup on how to replace the steering rack on an 850… and probably all Volvo P80 models:

How to change a power steering rack on your 850

(specifically, a ’97 wagon, p80 chassis S70/V70 should be similar. )

Changing the steering rack is a very big job. Here’s why.

If you live in Canada like me or a similar climate, you’ll know about rust and galvanic corrosion. My car is 18 years old, and most of the bolts I removed were untouched since new. Furthermore, the lower U joint, where the steering column connects to the rack, is probably corroded together because Volvo put an aluminium U-joint on a steel spine.



This means you will need to remove a lot of stuff to get the rack out, far more than the factory manual suggests. Finally, you have to jack the engine up off its side and rear mount and drop the crossmember at the same time because the engine is supported on the steering column and you have to drop the crossmember to wiggle the rack out.


I found an engine support stand and some chains really helped because I could work under the car without a jack or axle stand being in the way. Penetrant and a good impact gun are your friend.

You’ll need a good assortment of tools. Deep and shallow sockets, combination wrenches, 1/2, 3/8 and 1/4 drive ratchets. A breaker bar and an impact gun are highly recommended too. If you need an exact list, you probably shouldn’t do this job.

Obviously, this is how I did the job. If something goes horribly wrong and/or you injure yourself, I will not be held responsible.

steering rack
Replace steering rack on a Volvo 850

Tags DIY, power steering, steering rack
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Sunroof Seal Repair


MVS Volvo Forums user N_D shows us how he fixed his leaking sunroof with this sunroof seal repair:

After peeling off the gasket I discovered that the metal sunroof frame was severely rusted and had begun to separate from the glass. The glass is bonded to the frame with a very hard rubber like sealant, water seeps under the sunroof gasket and sits in the depressed area of the frame causing it to rust.

To repair this I first scraped/filed off as much loose rust as I could and pried the frame as far away from the glass as I could without breaking anything using wooden wedges and continued to clean as much rust out as possible. I then applied a rust converter to the remaining material.

Sunroof Seal Repair

Tags leaking sunroof, sunroof gasket, Sunroof Repair, Sunroof Seal
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AC Shim Fix: Are Zip Ties the New Bread Clips?

Outstanding AC Bread Clip Fix photos by erikv11 and BlackThunder. Outstanding recent AC Bread Clip Fix followup by osmium, vvvolvo, jreed, C@lvin, grushton, rspi, oragex, and of course MVS Forums moderator abscate.

Good pictures of various options for shimming the AC clutch including bread clips, zip ties, zip-ties, zipties… are zip ties the new bread clips?

Options for shimming the AC clutch including bread clips, zip ties

Tags ac, ac clutch, breadclip, Compressor Clutch gap fix, zip ties, zipties
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