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Volvo Radio Upgrades Are Plug-And-Play

Upgrades Are Plug-And-Play


Rguzz: Have the basic head unit without CD but would like to swap it out for the Volvo one with CD player in dash. Is this a direct swap or do I need to alter the harness behind the unit?


Lee: Plug and play for most radios. The SC901 units require that an amp is in place but most of the others can be swapped out in about 5 minutes.

850 radio swap.

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More Manual Transmission Swap Tips & Tricks


MVS Contributor tryingbe goes ALL OUT doing an auto to manual transmission swap. He has outstanding information and warnings on what to buy, where to get it, and the transmission swap to do list. This Volvo forum topic joins the many others here on manual swaps.

The topic was started by beigg who asked…

  1. What is all needed for electronics/electrical?
    PCM, TCM, engine harness from the auto able to be left alone? Main concern is functionality. If the auto harness only requires a slight PNP connector modification [ ie. ground to bypass starter and addressing reverse lights (not a real concern for reverse lights). ] and everything else can be used while being plug and play, it make this area pretty simple. I couldn’t imagine the speed sensors would differ in connections if I stayed with a 96-98 manual for use.
  2. Drive-line components similarities?
    Are the axles same spline and lengths for both ps and ds? Brackets for the mounts same? It’s a long shot, but are the mounts going to the brackets same?
  3. Power-train expectations and common changes?
    Flex plate and t-converter will obviously need to be tossed out for a needed flywheel, cd, pp, tob, and master/slave combo. Thinking for anything that might be a show stopper, I’m not foreseeing anything at this time, but I could be wrong… I’ve been wrong in the past. Any of my friends (especially those female) can attest to that!
  4. Cooling system doesnt set off any red flags that would mandate needed changes.
    Radiator would just omit the auxiliary cooler, which is a plus for any reason an aftermarket auto radiator is installed; breaching systems are awfully too common.
  5. What to avoid, to consider, and maybe to take special note of?
    Would not want any surprises, but I’d be foolish to assume that. Limiting those surprises, however, would be greatly appreciated!

97 850 trans – Swap from slushbox [auto] to exciting manual

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Volvo Recalls 2016 & 2017 Cars for Seatbelt Safety


S60, S90, V60, XC60 and XC90 Go In For Belt Fix

Automotive News: “Volvo is recalling about 74,000 U.S. vehicles for an issue that might cause a seat belt to inadequately restrain passengers in a crash.

The recall impacts each Volvo S60, S90, V60, XC60 and XC90 vehicles from the 2016-17 model years, Volvo spokesman Jim Nichols said.

Nichols said the issue is caused by a connecting pin in the seat belt buckle, which could cause the seat belt to work inadequately during a crash. He said the move is “mainly precautionary,” as no incidents have been reported.

He said Volvo sent out a recall notice on Oct. 28. Volvo dealers have been instructed to inspect each of the impacted vehicles before selling them, Nichols said. He said each vehicle in inventory already has been inspected.”

Need to know if your Volvo is affected? Use this Volvo page.