November 26, 2006

Volvo 850 Sunroof Headliner Repair

Sunroof Headliner Repair

My sunroof shade headliner material had come unglued to the point where it just hung down and hit me in the head if I closed the sunroof shade. Being creative, I shoved the whole mess back into the cover slot and kept the shade open. I think this may be a common problem with many Volvos since I see many of them in this condition.

Sunroof in the vent position

Note the plastic trim pieces that go along the sunroof glass and the sunroof track. Those pieces need to be removed on both sides of the sunroof. To remove the trim pieces grasp the lower trim piece near the center and pull outward while lifting at the same time, the trim piece will bow and pop out of its slot. On one of mine the upper piece popped out with it. Assuming that the entire trim piece does not come out, once the lower portion is free swivel it upward and slide the trim piece assembly toward the rear of the car. This should release it from the sunroof glass.

850 sunroof headliner repair

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