July 5, 2009

99 s70 cv boot replacement

Tips on Many Front End Parts Replacements

The LH side has a cir clip, but it’s nothing you have to compress or remove. It works the same as all the other cars you’ve worked on. You need to apply enough pressure with a pry bar to overcome the clip holding the axle. The RH side has no clip. Once the intermediate bearing cap is removed the axle will slide right out.

The passenger side seems to slide out for most people with just a tug. The driver’s side tends to take the 2 prongs opposite each other to get the axle past the circlip. I guess I would be concerned as to where to hit with the hammer- you don’t want to bugger up any of the attachment sections. Best to try to “pry” out of the transmission when possible rather than banging…

99 s70 cv boot replacement

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