July 21, 2010

A/C clutch shim procedure for S60

Checking the clearance

I’ve confirmed that my AC clutch is not engaging properly and that it could be because of wear to the clutch plate . I’ve read several posts about shimming the clutch plate so that the gap is return to within spec. I’ve seen instructions posted for other Volvo’s but not for the S60. Does someone have instructions on how to do this for the S60, or at least instructions on how to remove the AC clutch pulley.

Here’s the now famous DIY procedure to fix your air conditioning with a AC clutch shim, but for the Volvo S60. If your AC blows cold for only 5 minutes, and you’ve recharged the R134a, this may be what you need to do.

AC clutch shim procedure for S60





The following images are from Volvo and describe replacing the magnetic clutch compressor.

clutch plate

clutch plate, shims

Pull off the pulley. Use puller 9995598 and socket 9995599

- Remove the magnet coil.

Install a new pulley. Use puller 999 5598 and socket 999 5600

- Install the snap ring.

- Install the shims.

Install the clutch plate

AC clutch shim procedure for S60

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