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Volvo Antifreeze: Which Brand? Mix with Water?

Why Use Volvo Brand Coolant (Antifreeze)?

If you have a non turbo car then youcan use the regular prestone. Prestone is an OAT technology (Organic acid technology) coolant. A Hybrid OAT (a mix of oat and other ingredients )is called a HOAT- Hybrid OAT. A HOAT is used in modern diesel engines and other turbos as well as all BMW and Mercedes. (Did you ever notice that BMW coolant and Volvo coolant are exactly th same). Volvo HOAT contains Sebacic acid and some silicates on top of the normal OAT ingredient of 2 -EHA . These are the chemicals that make a difference o keeping it from boiling over and repairing damage to aluminum at a molecular level.

JDS60R [MVS moderator]

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Actually, this is to be expected when one considers that ethylene glycol, the principal component of most antifreezes, freezes at 8 degrees above zero, Fahrenheit. It is only when water is added that the freezing point is depressed. The freezing point of an ethylene glycol and water mixture drops rapidly as the concentration of glycol is increased to a mixture of about 60% antifreeze and 40% water. Around that point, an abrupt turnabout occurs, and as more antifreeze is added, the freezing point rises almost as fast as it had previously dropped.

Fine with 50/50 mix really but with 70/30 I don’t have any leftover coolant to lay around my garage. Straight antifreeze in a big no-no.

– voodoorobaz [MVS Forum member]

Antifreeze: brands and underlying theory

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One Response to Volvo Antifreeze: Which Brand? Mix with Water?

  1. Dalee says:

    My coolant is leaking from my car… BUT has not over heated. I need to know how I fix my leak. It was barely leaking. I just kept adding coolant. I need to know how to fix this problem. I took it to the shop but they couldn’t figure it out either. Should I just repair my radiator? or just seal it? – Thank You

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