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S80 S60 V70 XC70 Fuel Door Hinge Replacement

S80 Fuel Door Hinge Replacement

Is your fuel door hanging on by a thread? Here’s a tutorial on how to change the hinge before you lose that door.

This applies to all “P1″ Volvos… the large body Volvos made for model year 2001 and newer (US markets).

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3 Responses to S80 S60 V70 XC70 Fuel Door Hinge Replacement

  1. RachealH says:

    The fuel door on my 2000 s80 has been ripped off of my car. Rather than spending and arm and a leg going through a dealership, is there a website where I can find something? The hinge was easy. I dont care about the color, etc. Would any other years or models fit the s80?

    Any suggestions?

  2. Mike says:

    My gas door will not open on my volvo 2001 cross coutry. How can I get it opened.

  3. Jim Strmiska says:

    Just had the same problem and found the answer under another response at this site. Insert key in driver’s door lock. Turn twice to the left. Turn twice to right. The system is now reset. Turn back to left to unlock the door. Push fuel door unlock button. Volvos are incredible! Where else would a repair be so simple that anyone could do it??!!

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