Broken Timing Belt

I just can’t take it anymore. I have been a member of this forum for a while and everytime the topic of a timing belt comes up, the ususal suspects proclaim that a broken belt means the end of an engine or the head is “destroyed” and requires purchasing a new or rebuilt head.

While a broken timing belt is bad and costs a lot more money than it would have cost to maintain the belt, it is by no means, a catastrophe or the end of the engine.

The only thing that happens when a timing belt breaks is a few valves get bent. This is not that big a deal!

Broken Timing Belt

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Date November 15, 2009

One response to “Broken Timing Belt”

  1. Bob Zech says:

    So after my 2006 XC90’s belt broke due to frozen bearings in the water pump I should have just lived with the bent valves? Taking the head off and having the bent valves replaced was a waste of time? You are a first class moron pal.

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