Problems & Fixes: Body, Trim & Exterior

Exterior bits that make our Volvos pretty and functional: Body, Exterior Trim, Wipers, Glass, Bumpers, Mudguards, etc.

April 5, 2016 Is Amazing

Here’s a fantastic trove of Volvo information that takes the form of PDF (downloadable) files, a Winter Wheel Configurator, and many other things… including diagrams on how to install the thousands of Volvo accessories listed in these documents. It’s shockingly good. Astoundingly, it covers everything from the 1982 Volvo 700-series to every 2016 model Volvo sells. Take […]

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March 30, 2016

Volvo Crossbars – Will They Work with No Channel Strips?

Roof Rails Require Rubber Replacement MVS member SonicAdventure has a problem. He found some nice Volvo crossbars, but will they work without the channel strips that help hold them to the roof? SonicAdventure: Hello, I got lucky and found a set of OEM Volvo cross bars at the junk yard. However, the 3/4″ wide rubber […]

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August 25, 2015

Water drain plug locations? 1999 C70 convertible

MVS Volvo Forums member JsinnC70 I am having a terrible time finding any info on the locations of the water drain plugs that are in the roof storage bay. My top is broken and will not go down. Is there any way I can access and clean the water drains? If so, how? MVS Volvo Forums […]

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