May 23, 2012

Change Brake Pads, Rotors XC90

A wealth of information on changing brake pads and rotors on your XC90

XC90 Rotor Change-Install Instructions“So I am going to replace the pads/rotors on my XC90, I am pretty excited that they are original and I have 56K on the car. With that success rate I am REALLY leaning towards full OEM this go around, I usually buy from FCP and IPD and found something interesting, FCP seems to sell OEM pads and aftermarket rotors, and IPD sells OEM rotos and aftermarket pads.

So I am wondering what you all think and if the aftermarket on each of those sites are actually made by the OEM supplier, is this Volvo’s way of controlling inventory, only offering parts for a job to be sourced from multiple stores?

Also does anyont have experience with the MOTIVE brake bleeder, and which brake fluid do you recommend?

BTW, for those of you who are going to read this because you are going to do this job and don’t know if you have 316MM or 336MM, you can read the part number on the rotor if it lined up right without removing the wheel. It is stamped on the outside of the rotor (if the rotor was a top hat and and laying flat it would be written around the had not on the “brim” if that makes sense”). 30657301=336mm and 30736406=316mm. Mine happen to be 336, yeah those cost more…

So I got all my supplies and will do the job next week. Does anyone have the PDF procedure for front brakes. It looks pretty straight forward, I pulled the wheels of last week and nothing looked new, but I have learned that you never know until you do it…”

Volvo XC90 Front Brake Job

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