Check Engine Light – Running Rough

Turned out to be 2 bad fuel injectors. Completely blocked, kaput.
This would explain my mystery bogging/surging problem a couple of months ago, as they were starting to go then.
Those things are expensive. Should have done more “Italian Tune-ups”.

Check Engine Light – Running Rough

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Date November 25, 2008

3 responses to “Check Engine Light – Running Rough”

  1. MK Linnemeyer says:

    the rubber seal under the oil fill cap gets hard, mleaks oil under cover and fills #5-6 SPARK PLUGS. sEAL COSTS $1-$4 AT DEALER.

    some shops may see a gold mine here, and charge you for things that have nothing to do with the problem. Simply clean spark plugsand top of engine of all oil, and wait for the “check engine light to go out on its own.

    this is only for ,when, you find oil all over the L/side of the motor under the oil cap, and the seal is hard.

  2. admin says:

    MK – yes, I agree this is often the cause. I found oil around the base of #3 plug over the weekend, and have gotten a CE light for a few days. I believe you may have hit on the cause of the light.

    And yes, I just replaced my oil cap gasket a month ago because it was leaking oil all over the top of the engine. It was $2.37 at the dealer.

  3. UA says:

    my 2000 s80 check engine light keeps flashing I have replaced the fuel filter and all spark plugs what could this

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