October 6, 2009

Cold Air Intake Mod for 850, S70, V70, C70

Pete’s Volvo 850 Airbox Mod

“I found my fuel economy increased to 10.5l/100km around town. down from 12l/100km…”
[Read more and discuss this mod in my Volvo Mods Forum]
1: Intake hose duct placement on front spoiler

2: hose attached to old intake piping position
3: under the car looking at the front spoiler/radiator/air-conditioning core
4: looking up under the car, note the trans cooler hose
5: the air conditioning pipe work not disturbed
6: looking down over the L.H. headlight

  1. How to Fix Clogged PCV
  2. Transmission Fluid Flush Tip 1
  3. Radiator Cap – Cars that DON’T Take the Later Cap
  4. Due for PCV Job
  5. Front Mount Intercooler Modification
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