Door lock actuator for a 1998 volvo s70

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Door lock actuator for a 1998 volvo s70

Postby skouf » 09 Aug 2007, 14:37

I need to replace the front and back right side door lock actuators on my 98 volvo s70. How hard is it to remove the door panel and do I need any special tools? My next question, will any actuator work or do I need to replace them with oem?
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Postby cosmicdust » 09 Aug 2007, 18:26

Hi, my V70 (98) has the same issue, passenger side actuators. Any help would be apprciated!
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Postby billofdurham » 09 Aug 2007, 21:35

How hard is it to remove the door panel and do I need any special tools?

Not hard and no special tools needed.

Front door:
1. Remove the panel for the door mirror.
2. Gently prise off the surround for the interior handle.
3. Remove the cover for the interior handle.
4. Remove the screw for the interior handle.
5. Carefully loosen 7 clips in the bottom edge of the panel and slide the panel upwards.
6. Disconnect any electrical bits on the panel.

Rear door:

As above but omit step 1.

As for the actuator I don't know who else would sell them except a dealer. Somebody else may be able to help on this.

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Postby JRL » 09 Aug 2007, 22:04

There are no aftermarket actuators, when you see the part you'll know why.
Not a small part about 8-10"" squarish.
They cost about $140 from the dealer or you can call and buy a used one for about 55-65 bucks.
The door panel has to come off. Not the hardest of jobs but not the easiest either

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