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replacing gear shift light 1996 850T

Help, Advice and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's extremely popular car line -- Volvo's 1990s "bread and butter" cars -- powered by the ubiquitous and durable Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine.
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replacing gear shift light 1996 850T

Postby asummers » 31 Oct 2007, 11:15

Has anyone had to replace the gear shift indicator light in the console of their 850? What I am wondering is, does the panel where the shifter is pop out...or does the whole console have to be removed to get to the light?
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Postby Ozark Lee » 31 Oct 2007, 13:15

I haven't had to do it on my automatic but VADIS shows that the console needs to come loose. They also state that the bulb and the holder need to be replaced as a complete unit.

I show Volvo pn 1363149-4 for the bulb.

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Ozark Lee
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Postby asummers » 31 Oct 2007, 17:37

Thank you, Ozark Lee. I will attempt this soon. This may be a stupid question, but what is VADIS?
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Postby akitawagon » 31 Oct 2007, 17:55

You'll need to remove the center console to access the gear shift indicator bulb.

Here is the link for the shift microswitch repair, but the beginning gives you the step-by-step instructions for removing the center console: http://volvospeed.com/Repair/Microswitch.php

Sometimes, the bulb falls out of the holder, so after you remove the center console, check to see if a bulb is present and if it's still working but not in it's mounting point.

The replacement bulb/holder number is 1363149-4 as Lee stated and you can only get it from Volvo dealerships or Volvo parts distributors (FCP, eEuroparts, iPd...). You can't find it at any of the car parts stores.

The same bulb is used for the shifter, cigarette lighter illumination ring and inside your armrest compartment. If you think you don't need the armrest and cigarette lighter lit, you can just swap one of the bulbs if it's still good.

VADIS is a diagnostic, parts and troubleshooting database for Volvos that comes on DVD. You can probably order one on eBay.
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Postby volvoaddict007 » 01 Nov 2007, 23:55

'95 850 T, 175k

Sometimes I have to tap on the gear letters panel to get it to light up. It never stutters... i'ts either on or off. Has anyone seen this behavior and know the remedy... :?:

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Postby MadeInJapan » 02 Nov 2007, 00:01

probably just spilled gunk down in there. Console out, clean the connections and you should be good to go. I had to replace the bulb once in mine...it took all but about 20-30 mins.
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