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1999 volvo s70 T5. Pcv, turbo contol valve, and oil leaks

Help and Advice on Volvo's extremely popular car line, powered by Volvo's nearly indestructible, versatile inline 5-cylinder engine.
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1999 volvo s70 T5. Pcv, turbo contol valve, and oil leaks

Postby ammarhaq » 14 Oct 2009, 23:26

So I took the car to the dealer the other day, and he gave me a long list of things that need to be done on the car. Because their is positive pressure when u take the oil dipstick out, he recommended changing the pcv system. Also, changing the turbo seals would take care of the oil leaks. Recently I was surfing ipds website, and I found the "heavy duty turbo control valve.". Since it had many positive reviews, I am considering getting it. My question is, what does the tcv do exactly? My car has 172,000 miles. Is all this work and upgrade worth it? This work will come out to around $500, after I'll probably have to spend another $300 on the cvvt solenoid and gasket (check engine light is on and the car is throwing the code p1332). Is any of this work easy enough for me to do myselff??

Thanks for any input.

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Re: 1999 volvo s70 T5. Pcv, turbo contol valve, and oil leaks

Postby Ozark Lee » 15 Oct 2009, 00:22

Is any of this work easy enough for me to do myselff??

I obviously don't have any insight into what tools you have in your tool chest or what other things you have done. I. personally, would have no fear whatsoever.

The CVVT valve is pure cake, two bolts and a gasket after you get the spark plug cover off and it is done. The PCV is a bit more complicated but most certainly doable by a "shade tree mechanic". The tool chest comes into play here since you really need a 1/4" drive socket with a long extension and a swivel joint to get the nuts loose.

I have not yet had to service my turbo seal but I understand that it goes much easier with a special socket that IPD sells.

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