tire is making scratching noise

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tire is making scratching noise

Postby JonFreeman938 » 23 Mar 2011, 16:48

it sounds like my front right tire is making some scratching noise. it scratches when the tire makes a full rotation, its not a constant scratching noise. i dont have to put on my brakes to hear it, it happens the whole time im driving.

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Re: tire is making scratching noise

Postby Juan62 » 23 Mar 2011, 17:02

First, take tire off and observe and look for any threads coming off. second, while the tire is off the car, look at the plastic wheel well...one that is mount near the engine, and another undr the fender. Check to ensure two-10mm bolts are secure near the engine, and look at wheel for missing screws or rivets. Also observe your brake line to ensure no rubbing is occuring. Hope that helps.
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Re: tire is making scratching noise

Postby jimmy57 » 23 Mar 2011, 17:14

steel belted tires can have a problem where the steel belt makes noise. If you see no other problems with anything that could touching tire, wheel, brake rotor (like the dust shield inside the rotor), then rotate that tire to rear and see if the noise follows the tire to the rear.

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