fuel system Diagram

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fuel system Diagram

Postby redslvr67 » Wed Oct 07, 2009 1:45 am

Hi looking for a diagram for the fuel system. I have replaced all vacuum lines and fuel hoses I could find, plus the injector seals and still have a fuel smell. I cannot find any posts on the system.
Thanks for your help.

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Re: fuel system Diagram

Postby dcarlson12 » Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:03 pm

Occasionally I get the smell of gas after I shut the engine off. I lately also get a CEL and when I do a scan it turns out that the code indicates a leak in the fuel system. i.e. someone posted that the code is set if the system senses that the pressure in the line that sucks gas fumes from the charcoal canister 'drops' too fast. I would think it senses that it does not develop a high enough vacuum, whatever....
I guess the gas smell could be from a hole/leak in the plastic line but I also think it might be caused if there is a leak in the hoses/connections of the pressurized air which is coming from the turbo chargers and passing thru the intercooler before entering the throttle body. i.e. the valve opens to suck fumes from the canister and this 'fumey' air can not enter the engine, then it might leak out and this is what I smell.????? It is such a bear to see/feel in and around the engine compartment that it is a pain to check for leaks....
Have added/uploaded some files. Not sure if these will help you...
fuel lines tank to engine.pdf
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fuel lines tank to engine.pdf
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Engine Mnt Sys ME7point0 functions comp.pdf
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Engine Management System ME7point0.pdf
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Re: fuel system Diagram

Postby OEMVolvoParts » Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:14 pm

Here is a total guess but I can tell you it is very common in the S80's. Have you inspected the fuel pump itself? We sell these like hotcakes for a strong fuel odor. Part number is 30761743, and the two seals are part number 9183708. I'd bed good money that is your fuel smell.
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