Radio not Working on AM

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Radio not Working on AM

Postby keval17 » 07 Nov 2010, 00:30

2007 S80 3.2litre AWD 25,000klms (Brisbane, Australia) Gidday!
My Volvo radio started sounding soft then loud intermitently on the AM band - FM and CD working normally. Thought it may be something to do with the park assist sensors as the radio volume normally softens when these are activated. Cleaned sensors externally - no difference. Turned park assist sensors off - no difference.
Now AM band has died completely - FM band and CD work normally. Any clues as to cause and fix?? Kevin.

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Re: Radio not Working on AM

Postby hwodin » 30 Jan 2015, 20:16

did you ever resolve the prolem?

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