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2001 S80 T6 Garage Door Openers (Homelink) and SRS Warning

Help, Advice, Owners' Discussion and DIY Tutorials on the Volvo S80 model. Sometimes called an "executive car", the S80 was and continues to be Volvo's top-of-the-line passenger car.

2001 S80 T6 Garage Door Openers (Homelink) and SRS Warning

Postby savedthruhim » 27 Mar 2005, 05:32

:?: Need Help! First time to the site and first time Volvo owner. Homelink stopped working, not even a light as if blown fuse. Started checking fuses, couldn't find any blown. Pulled Fuse 28 and I think 32 as both indicate vanity lights which were not working as well. Then I got a warning on the Messege System about the SRS service urgent, got the 'red' triangle warning light as well, which says park it and take to dealer immediately. I don't believe there is anything wrong with the SRS. Any suggestions on resetting the codes and such and/or resolution to the homelink not working.

UPDATE-- Okay this gets weirder- I performed the service light reset procedures (due for the 60,000 checkup, comes on for the first few minutes after startup) and the homelink and vanity mirrors starting working again. The SRS is still there.

Also my passenger seat heater is not working. Fuses seem to be okay. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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