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240DL 1989 won't shift into 4th gear

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240DL 1989 won't shift into 4th gear

Postby lovk » 25 Feb 2009, 02:46

My 1989 240DL automatic does not shift into 4th gear until runs a very long time at higher speeds in 3rd gear (about 60mph) then shifts. Why? Also the check engine light stays on.
If this is the transmission is it worth fixing? :?

Also did not pass emissions testing. I had the fuel filter and few other items changed. The spark plugs were not pushed in all the way. Runs better now, but haven't retested yet.
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Re: 240DL 1989 won't shift into 4th gear

Postby DeRail » 25 Feb 2009, 16:03

Have you checked the fluid level in the transmission?

Follow billofdurham's procedure:
A 30 minute run; back to a level surface; apply parking brake; engage P and, with the engine idling move the selector lever through all gears pausing for 4-5 seconds in each position. Back to P and let engine idle for about 2 minutes, remove dipstick, wipe on a lint free cloth, replace dipstick then withdraw it and check the reading.

As for the emissions test, it's good measure (if you don't do this already) to drive the car down the expressway for 15 or so minutes before going for your emissions test. Also, how new are your sparkplugs and airfilter? You may also have some luck cleaning the PCV system, which is a good idea to do anyway :)
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Re: 240DL 1989 won't shift into 4th gear

Postby billofdurham » 25 Feb 2009, 18:43

lovk, welcome to Matthew's Volvo Site.

Whilst checking the fluid level also check the condition of the fluid. fluid. If it is red it is (usually) OK. If it is brown and/or smells burned it needs changing. The change intervals for the fluid on this car are 20,000 miles (32,000kms).

If the fluid is OK then there is a possibility that the overdrive solenoid is not working as it should. Before going down that route post back with the result of the fluid checks.

If your check engine light is on it is not necessarily because of the gearbox playing up. The CEL indicates that a fault code has been set and that needs to be investigated as it may point to the cause of failing the emissions test.

The 1989 240 should be fitted with an On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) in the engine compartment, behind the left strut tower. With this you can check for fault codes. A guide can be found at: http://www.matthewsvolvosite.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=9708&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=12. If you find any codes you do not understand post back for help.

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Re: 240DL 1989 won't shift into 4th gear

Postby lovk » 25 Feb 2009, 19:52

Thank you for the advice, will do and report back!
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Model and Year: 240DL 1989

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