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Seeking Mechanic in S.W. Pennsylvania

If you've found a great Volvo mechanic list him here. Please remember to add the location and contact info of the mechanic.

Seeking Mechanic in S.W. Pennsylvania

Postby RegisWhite » 22 Aug 2011, 21:04

Hi to all;

Been a while since last I posted! I'm in need of having a water pump and timing belt replaced on my big old 850, and it's something that, frankly, I'm scared to tackle. I recall something that comedian Norm McDonald once said regarding the sport of cliff diving; he said (in effect), "You know, with cliff diving, it kinda seems to me that you're either Grand Champion... or stuff on a rock!" That's the way I feel about this job!

From the research I've done, it's kind of complicated, hard to get to some parts, and the bottom line is that if you screw up even a little, and get your timing gears messed around, you'll basically blow up your engine beyond repair! The nearest Volvo dealer is Bill Gray in Pittsburgh, PA, but that's over 50 miles from me, and I can't see paying a huge amount to have it towed that far (it's not currently in running status, due to the pump breaking).

I can easily buy the replacement parts, but it's the teardown and installation that scares the willies out of me. If anyone out there knows someone close to the Uniontown, PA area, please do let me know so I can get my 850 up and running again. I appreciate any help you can offer...

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Re: Seeking Mechanic in S.W. Pennsylvania

Postby bjc9696 » 22 Jun 2012, 01:29

Ever hear of Dean's in Pittsburgh?Been around for ever. Only complaint is that they are slooow
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