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Postby barryinohio » Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:58 pm

Love this forum!!!!

Here's my story. Hope it helps everyone.

The error code "PASS. AIRBAG OFF SERVICE URGENT" recently showed up on the dashboard of my 2005 S40i for no reason.

I spoke with 2 local independant Volvo Repair shops. The 1st one said "for $80-$100 we can diagnose the problem but that's no guarantee we can fix it & if you need parts..well that's a whole other thing. NOBODY has parts...NOBODY."

The other local independant Volvo Repair shop said "Take it to the dealer. They will hook it up to their diagnostic system that only Volvo dealers have. I can't help you."

I checked my owner's manual & found that my 05 S40i has a 5 yr/unlimited mileage warranty onthe SRS System. So I called Volvo & verified the "in-service" date of my car. It was indeed under warranty.

I called my local Volvo dealership & explained the situation. He said bring it in which I did. They cleared out the airbag error code & re-calibrated the airbag sensor for passenger seat. He said they see this error frequently. There is an air bladder/sensor that controls whether the passenger airbag is on or off and sometimes it gets out of calibration (adjustment) causing the error message to show up on the dashbaord. It was 3 hours from the time I dropped the car off until it was done.

Dealer is Beechmont Volvo in Mariemont, Cincinnati, Ohio. I was very impressed with their service & the treatment I received. :D

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