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S60 Cranks, no spark, no fuel

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S60 Cranks, no spark, no fuel

Postby tjmarks5333 » 09 Mar 2013, 19:17

I have a volvo S60 2.4 2004. Afew months ago my car died while going down the road, I had it towed home. Here is what I have found...the fuel pump is definately not running, no noise, no pressure at fuel line. Replaced pump, still nothing. Checked power at 6 plug connector going to the PEM, pins 4 and 5. There is no power coming from the CEM. I have swapped out relays, fog with fuel to no avail. The pump does run if hooked directly to battery power. So after getting gas to the rail that way, the car still wouldnt start. I pulled plug and checked for spark at the block, nothing. The car DOES crank but has no spark and no fuel. I read on a site that the ECM will not allow the pump to run if it senses no spark. I also do not have any sound coming from the injectors when using stethoscope. There are no codes as the battery drained, as I left the door part way open for a while, took the battery out to charge. The timing belt is intact, although I have not checked the markings.

Also important, recently the car on occasion would just stall while driving, mostly going around a bend, but it would start right back up.

I love this car, any help would be appreciated. My next thoughts...crankshaft position sensor or bad ECM?? :?
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Joined: 09 Mar 2013, 19:02
Location: CT-USA
Model and Year: 2004 S60 2.4

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