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Time for Regular Service Message Reset Procedures

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Time for Regular Service Message Reset Procedures

Postby josehrod » 04 Jun 2005, 22:05

Volvo S60, 2002, I made the oil change and I want to know how can I reset the message "Time for Regular Service" in the dash message window.

Postby brianf » 11 Jun 2005, 22:56

I got this off another Volvo forum and it works!!!!!!! The timing is the answer. I was trying the other methods but doing it too slowly check this out!!!!!!!!!

Here it is for all you guys who are proud Volvo owners s60 years 01-03 maybe newer cars too.

Resetting the Service reminder indicator (SRI), model years -2001
The service reminder indicator (SRI) informs the driver that it is time for the car to be serviced. The lamp remains lit for 120 seconds when the ignition is switched on.
Note! If the lamp flashes, it may be because one of the service parameters has not been programmed.
Proceed as follows to reset the service reminder indicator (SRI):
-Ignition position I
-Press and hold in the reset button for the trip odometer
-Ignition position II
-The service reminder indicator (SRI) starts flashing when the reset button for the trip odometer has been pressed for 10 seconds
-Release the reset button for the trip odometer within 5 seconds. The instrument gives an audible signal when resetting has succeeded.
Note! If the trip meter reset button is not released within 5 seconds the indicator is not reset. However the indicator will stop flashing.

Resetting the service reminder indicator (SRI), model years 2002-
The service reminder indicator (SRI) informs the driver that it is time for the car to be serviced. The text message is displayed for 120 s each time the ignition is switched on.
Proceed as follows to reset the service reminder indicator (SRI):
-Ignition position I
-Press and hold in the reset button for the trip odometer
-Ignition position II.
Note! Turn the key to position II within 2 seconds.
-Hold the reset button for the trip meter pressed in until the original value has been reset.
Note! For all vehicles from the 2003 model year a general yellow lamp will light when the reset button must be released.
-Release the reset button for the trip odometer within 4 seconds. The instrument gives an audible signal when resetting has succeeded
-If the trip meter is already reset the reset button should be held in for a minimum of 10 seconds and a maximum of 14 seconds.
Note! If the reset button for the trip odometer is not released within 4 seconds, the service reminder indicator (SRI) is not reset.
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indicator, etc.

Postby spongebob » 13 Jul 2005, 21:42

great post...just made use of it. last time i took it in, they failed to reset.

Reset Time for service light on 2002 S60 AWD

Postby DeMan » 18 Aug 2005, 03:21

I tried all the procedures folks had posted on many web sites to reset this Time for Service light, none worked till I understood a subtle signal my car was giving that it was time to let go of the button. With all the models if you do not keep to the timing and know when to release the button the reset will not take. My model does not beep or blink or flash the yellow caution triangle as it seems other do to signal you to let go of the reset button. My model simply changes from first trip mileage to the next trip mileage. It is not a change from T1 to T2 rather just the mileage changes. Example: if you had 13.2 on T1 and 0.0 on T2 then during the reset proceedure you would only notice the trip mileage change from the 13.2 to 0.0 or vise versa. as soon as this mileage change occurs quickly release the trip odometer reset button and turn the ignition off. So if they are 0.0 and 0.0, then drive around the block and put .4 miles on T1 and you will be able to detect the change from T1 to T2 mileage. (0.4 to 0.0)
* So the steps are:
- turn the ignition key to position 1
- then press and hold the tripometer reset button
- don't wait, turn the key to position 2.
- hold the button untill the service light flashes 2 times, or the trip mileage changes from 1 to 2 or 2 to1, or the triangle flashes.
- quickly release the reset button and then turn the key to the off position.

S60 Service Reminder Reset

Postby guest » 10 Sep 2005, 23:53

I have an S-60 T5 (2002) and the following worked for me...

1. Turn the ignition key to position I.
2. Ensure that the trip display is on T1 and shows some miles (not zero). Press and hold the T1 reset button and wait for the odometer to set to zero.
3. Turn the ignition key to position II, and watch the odometer.
4. When the previously displayed miles reappears, release the trip reset button.

Resets the message on S60 2004 models as well!

Postby Guest » 05 Nov 2005, 00:13

This works for the 2004 model of the S60 too! I'm glad I found this site.


Postby guest » 30 Nov 2005, 03:29

This worked great, thanks for the help

This worked for me -- V70

Postby Sambone » 27 Aug 2006, 01:01

I couldn't get anything else to work, so I held down the trip reset before turning the key to any position, then cycled through to position 2, light blinked and disappeared. Thanks for your help.
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2001 volvo s60 service light

Postby LUINGOR » 31 May 2007, 21:08

It's amazing! It works for my 2001 volvo
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Service Light Reset procedure 2002 D5 Auto

Postby MACH10 » 03 Jan 2008, 16:14

Thanks to all those that posted on this

finally achieved sucess with this....

Didnt have flashing lights or odo changes as previous attempts sent all to zero...

A stopwatch was very handy (if not slightly tricky)when turning ignition on
Started with all doors closed

Turned Ignition switch to I

Pressed n held Reset button whilst turning Ignition to II

Continued to hold reset for 10 seconds ( released at 11 ish)

Quickly released reset switch - heared audible beep

turned off ignititon

Waited then back on and voila ! - annoying light is no longer

Light is reset

Will i remember this?
Tip -print it and keep it with your manual
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Time for Service Message reset on 2002 S80

Postby gregbeanpe » 17 Feb 2008, 00:38

How do you reset this message on an 02 S80? Is it the same as the S60 posts say?
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Postby MadeInJapan » 17 Feb 2008, 01:25

I think it is. All the instructions I've seen are for MY (model year) 2002 and it doesn't specify which model. Give it a try and see.
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C 70 service indicator reset

Postby mikeses » 31 May 2008, 10:12

Read the instructions and tried on my 2003 C70, it worked just as explained. Many thanks. Mikeses
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XC70 2004

Postby Lindalee » 22 Jul 2008, 05:47

Please add my THANKS for posting this fix. After 2 years of this annoying message I tried this procedure and it worked! The nearest Volvo dealer is 4 hours away so the car is serviced locally in our very small and rural town. Our auto shop doesn't have the gadget for resetting, so knowing how to do it myself is fantastic!

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