2008 S40 "Turn Steering try to start again"

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2008 S40 "Turn Steering try to start again"

Postby Dallas912 » Tue Dec 13, 2011 11:55 pm

Drove to work Thursday and everything was fine. Went to leave that afternoon and I notice that message on my dash. Turned the wheel and proceeded to crank, nothing happened. Everything came on, all lights, radio, gauges, everything but not start. All I could hear when I inserted my key was 3 clicks (like the blinker). And I did not hear the distinct sound of the car accepting the key. I have replaced the batteries in both keys and I have never seen any low voltage or key errors. I found that someone on here had the same issue and the resolve was to reset the module by disconnecting the battery. I did so for 30 mins and no luck. This is e only place on the entire web that someone had my exact message. Called 3 Volvo dealers and they all said "no clue, bring it in".

So I turned to my cousin that is a Toyota mechanic and he looked and said he believe it is the locking module that has malfunctioned. He called the exact Volvo dealer I did and told him that someone traded in a car and now it is doing this how does he fix it. He told my cousin that the clicking noise is from the locking module not working properly and that it needed to be replaced and after that the software needed to be updated to inform the computer it it ok to crank.

Does anyone out there know of where I can find this locking module. I will replace it myself then let them do the software.

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