July 5, 2011

Fuel Filter Replacement DIY

Vovlo 850 fuel filter locationThis is a short DIY write up for the removal of a fuel filter on an 850. This is a very easy procedure, just remember to be safe — safety goggles, no open flame [despite the photo to the right], rags to clean up spilled fuel.

Tools required:

  1. 12mm Socket
  2. Socket Wrench
  3. Needle Nose Pliers
  4. New Filter


  1. Start by blocking the front wheels, e-brake on, and jack up the rear passenger side of the car.
  2. With the ignition off, slide underneath the passenger side just in front of the rear wheel and look up to locate the filter.
  3. There’s more…

Read the rest: Fuel Filter Replacement DIY

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