How to Change Battery in Remote Entry Key

1. Open the remote control by twisting a coin in the ring between the front and rear sections (leave the ring in place). 2. Replace the battery, with the plus-side upward (see illustration). 3. Reinstall the cover, making sure it is secured tightly.

how to change battery in remote entry key

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Date November 8, 2009

3 responses to “How to Change Battery in Remote Entry Key”

  1. David says:

    How do I open the keyfob of a 2008 s80 to change the battery?

  2. frank says:

    don’t know how or can’t figure out how to open key fob case to get to the battery 2007 s80
    to replace the battery ??

  3. freddy k says:

    Remove the valet key from the fob and behind it is a small Phillips screw. After that the fob will split and the battery is visible.

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