October 6, 2005

How to Fix Clogged PCV

Clogged PCV

Ok, for some reason, Volvo likes to overengineer things and the PCV system is one of those things. Now, what you’ll want to do is look down at the fresh air intake pipe right before the turbo. You should see something like what is in this diagram. Now, unplug all of those lines and check for clogging and clean as necessary. Sometimes, those lines are all that get clogged and you get off easy by only having to clean them out. Usually though, the problem lies deeper.

So, what you’ll have to do is pull the intake manifold. You have a ’95 model, which does have EGR, and makes the job a big pain in the neck.

Now, what you’ll want to start with is unhooking the intercooler hose that goes to the throttle body and you’ll also want to loosen the bracket that holds the hard IC piping over the engine. Then there are several other hoses that must be detached from the intake manifold up front on the driver’s side. One of them is the evap valve hose and one is the CBV hose.

How to Fix Clogged PVC

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