January 20, 2011

How to Maintain Your AWD Volvo’s Driveshaft

For all AWD Volvo Models

Volvo XC70 AWD propshaft joint lubrication

MVS Forum member Jimmy tells us explicitly how to make your AWD Volvo system go well over 100k miles. If you’re reading this with 150k+ miles on yours, and you haven’t “done anything” to extend the AWD system’s life, you’ve probably been kind to your driveshaft, for instance keeping all 4 same brand / same tread depth tires on her (for 1st gen AWD Volvos), or you’ve driven gently, or you’re lucky.

But if you hear chirps or a bumping noise on acceleration, it will progress to a vibration when the joint gets dry and balls wear and joint fails.

The driveshaft from angle gear to viscous coupling needs to have the CV joints lubed by 100K miles or there is a great likelihood you will end up replacing the whole shaft assembly or at least the front joint if available.

It is not a hard job but there are precautions.

Read this VRD article for some tips & tricks on maintaining the AWD system on your AWD V70/S70.

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