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Date April 25, 2009

10 responses to “How to Post a Topic”

  1. 91volvo940turboman says:

    i have a 1991 volvo 940 turbo wagon 2.3l sohc 4cyl and i blew the crankshaft pulley off the car .It destroyed the timing belt cover and the pulley separated the outer from the center of it. I need someone to tell me wear the cam timing should be and the belt timing some scematics or something would be great.
    thanks fellas,

  2. Matt says:

    You need to use the forum.

    1. Register
    2. Log in
    3. Go to 940 section of the forum
    4. Start a new topic and write

    Start at the help page

  3. josiedezamora says:

    the wipers on my volvo S90 will not turn off.

  4. Matt says:

    You need to use the forum.

    1. Register
    2. Log in
    3. Go to 940 section of the forum
    4. Start a new topic and write

    Start at the help page

  5. Mario says:

    Hello, I’m new to the volvo world. I recently purchaced a 99 v70xc AWD, and unfortunately already have to change head gadket.. The car does have about 160.000 miles.. Anyways my.question is will the chilton or haynes v70 manual wrk for my car even though it says its not for AWD’s or is there one availabe model? Thanks for any help.

  6. Paul says:

    2005 s60 r was diagnosed with locked compressor and melted clutch. Dealer did compressor and I got car home and went to use it later and only warm air was coming out. Took back to dealer. Took them day and a half to figure it was txv. They removed that and noticed lots of nonmetallic debris. Now they are saying filter drier at end of condenser is shot and that I need new condenser because filter (I assume filter drier) can not be replaced. I am suspicious. Anybody know of the situations that require a condenser to be replaced? besides a hole.

    Thanks for any help offered.

  7. Wes says:

    I have a 2002 s80 with a check engine light. Gave code P0456. I understand it’s a leak in the evap.? system somewhere. Are there some things I can check without a lot of knowledge that I may be able to fix or replace? Thanks for any help….. Also, are there any good diagrams out there I can go by?

  8. Aduzi says:

    Hello I am already registered and logged in but am finding it difficult to find the correct forum or any forum at all, it is also hard to find how to start a new topic.

    I know it must be my lack of navigational skills and probably also has a little to do with my vision but I have trouble finding how to post new questions every time I come on board the site.

    I have an 850 that I would like to ask about some strut questions, I have looked through some of the questions and answers already posted but have not found what I am looking for. I also find it a tedious task to sift through the existing post, sorry. Please help, thanks

  9. Matt says:

    Aduzi, if you’re registered and logged in, just click this link

    It’ll take your right to the post form for the 850 forum. Just write a title and body (problem with your 850) and click submit.

  10. Nikolai Krylov says:

    Hi Matt,

    A bit confusing for me. Could you please tell me how I can post a picture with my problem for other DIY advise on how to fix it?

    I have a leak in the back of the AC compressor at the inside of the nut on the back cover. There are two ac pipes that attached to the back and there is a nut with a hole and it seems there is a screw inside and that is where the leak is. I have a picture and wanted to post it for someone to tell me what I can do to fix it. Will appreciate a lot.


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