March 19, 2012

Idle Air Control Valve (IAC) Cleaning DIY

IAC cleaning tutorialIt got warm here a couple of days ago for the first time this year (~80-85F) and our ’97 855 GLT Volvo at 155k miles suddenly started to have a wandering idle speed and stalling at idle, but only when the car was fully warmed up.

The stalling symptom was worst right after restarting the car after it had been running for a while (hot start). I first tried disconnecting the MAF but this did not change the wandering idle and stalling. So, I read up on stalling and rough idle on MVS, found a good post by Ozark Lee and so decided to remove the IAC and give it a good cleaning. Since there wasn’t already a good illustrated write-up, I took some photos along the way:

Cleaning DIY: 850 IAC (Idle Air control valve) cleaning

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