January 12, 2008

Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement

Lock Cylinder


Thanks to “mom” for this one!
Upon investigation of his no-start condition on his 2000 S70, “mom” found that it was his ignition switch/ lock cylinder. In this thread you will find his pictures and a link to a good write-up on how to do the replacement. Glad you got your car running again, mom!

Today I decided to find what was the problem with my cylinder lock. I thought maybe I could repair it, but it is impossible. The broken part is made of cast aluminum and is very small. This part is a kind of “guillotine” that slides up and down inside the mechanism. Mine was missing a guide pin, preventing it to move freely.

The cause is definitely the steering wheel being turned to the left, forcing the steering lock from the right, and also the guillotine on its most vulnerable position. I’m sure it could happen on a brand new lock. Look at those pictures and you’ll understand.

Ignition/Lock Cylinder Replacement

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