July 6, 2013

Installing new seats in a S70 855

MVR contributor t5rrr gives a highly detailed description with pictures of the procedure for replacing front driver or passenger seats in a 1994 S70 855.  The front seats needed to be replaced due to torn seams and a broken power recliner.  Used seats were obtained from a 1998 V70 in a junkyard.  Check out the entire procedure here:  S70 / V70 front seat swap


S70 / V70 front seat swap

  1. Broken / Worn Spring Seats – Photos & Description
  2. Thermostat Replacement on Heated Seats
  3. S70 / V70 front seat swap to 850
  4. Fixing cracked leather seats.
  5. Aftermarket Heated Seats
Tags power seat broken, Seat switches, Volvo S70
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