June 3, 2007

850 door panel removal (pics)

Volvo 850 door panel removal DIY tutorial How-ToA step-by-step how to remove the door panels in a 850….with pictures!

I needed to replace a door check-strap recently, and couldn’t find an on-line guide to removing the interior door panel, to provide access. This precipitated consulting that old-fashioned repository of knowledge, ‘the book’. I had to find it first! Anyway, I built some ‘how-to pictures’ for those of you who lack ‘the book’, and are wondering how to get that door panel off to provide access to window winders, speakers, wiring, check straps etc.

Tools required:

  1. small flat-blade screwdriver
  2. Torx drivers or sockets: T20, T25, T30
  3. #1 phillips screwdriver
  4. long-nose pliers

Thanks to 850_olaf_nz ! :)

850 Door Panel Removal Tutorial (pics)

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