March 10, 2010

Fuel pumps and the Volvo 940

Idles, then Dies – Turns Out it Was the Fuel Pump

So I got the 940 station wagon running good again. Both fuel pumps were toast. The one in the tank was probably toast some time ago and the one under the driver was doing all the work. I installed pumps from Autozone parts house. The one for the tanks looked exactly the same and fit like a glove. The one under the driver(high pressure)looked to be a universal application and fit with rubber sleeve to make it the right diameter for the clamp. Had to do a little wiring change as the OEM terminals would not hook up. Runs fine though.

Buy the Lifetime Warranty Fuel Pump

When you purchase electric fuel pimps you should purchase one with a limited lifetime warranty. When I drove an 84 VW Jetta, the fuel pump went out. I purchased one from Autozone and it worked for 14 months. The warranty was for 12 months. I bought the replacement one with a lifetime warranty from Carquest. The difference in price was about double. $69.99 compared to $138.99

Fuel pumps and the Volvo 940

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  1. dan tom says:

    Where is the fuel pump on a 1985 DL?

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