MVS Technical Help

Having Trouble with the Forum?

Not getting the Welcome email? Navigation not working for you? Well then good news is here! You’re now on the page that may provide relief.

First, go to this outstanding troubleshooting page, you’ll get to see all kinds of goodies that probably don’t mean a lot to you, but will help me immensely in helping you.

On that page you’ll need to fill out three things, then click Send Details. That sends me information that I need to diagnose the problem you’re having viewing or using MVS. I DON’T DO ANYTHING WITH THE DATA BESIDES USE IT TO HELP YOU.

Support detail information image

These are the things I need to help you.

What exactly, does that do? It sends me an email with details of your browser that allow me to troubleshoot your problem. Nothing more, nothing less. What I get looks like this:

Support details to help me help you with the Volvo Forum.

What I get. Not terribly exciting.

Putting it all together

So contact me first — otherwise I won’t have any context — then go to the troubleshooting page and fill out the three things I need and we’ll go from there.