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Delta Link Tool

9995497Volvo part #: 9995497
Status: out
Location: Arizona

For loan: Delta link bushing tool — this original topic has several DIY examples in it, like V70 Rear Suspension Delta Link Replacement by MVS Forums member martinuk.

Loaner Cost

  • $150 deposit – forfeit if it breaks or doesn’t get back to me. This is refunded 100% when I get it back.
  • $15 shipping to you – not refunded. Please note you need to cover the cost of shipping it back to me, or for shipping on to the next loanee. I’ve settled on USPS flat rate box after trying a couple other USPS methods, and I believe it’s the $12.35 medium flat rate box.* I’ll update this when I remember to actually pay attention next time.
  • $10 “entropy fee” – one day it will break, so this goes toward buying another in a year or two – not refunded.
  • Total PayPal deposit required: $175.

How it Works

Contact me, Matt, and I’ll give you my PayPal account name, which is my email address. PayPal me $175 and send me your US address. Sorry, no international shipping. I will get it in the mail probably within 24 hours, always within 48 hours.

I’ve been doing this for almost a year, and it’s been loaned about 10 times. One user broke the tool, and he opted to replace it with a used tool that was more or less the same condition.

Some MVS members have contacted me and after much math, opted to buy and keep their own delta link tool. But for most it makes sense to borrow it, use it, and return it. I don’t care which you decide to do.

I don’t make money from this, it’s just a service to help Volvo owners. If you have an idea for another loaner tool, please contact me. I’d be happy to do this for other tools.

* I know this isn’t $15, so if you want I will refund you ($15-actual shipping cost). If not, the extra two dollars and change goes to the “entropy” bucket.

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