September 17, 2013

New forum -> Wheels & Tires! Whoo!

I just created a new forum dedicated to Wheels & Tires.

All the Volvo wheel and tire discussion you can stand, then even more. Volvo OEM wheels, aftermarket wheels, tires, tire brands, tire fitment, tire prices, snow tires, performance tires, summer tires, studded tires, siping tires, treadwear ratings, buying tires, fixing punctures, painting wheels, balancing wheels, cleaning wheels, and fixing curb rash — all welcome topics here. Post your photos of your tires and wheels! What wheel/tire combo is on your Christmas list?

Volvo wheels

Tags aftermarket wheels, balancing wheels, buying tires, cleaning wheels, curb rash, fixing punctures, painting wheels, performance tires, siping tires, snow tires, studded tires, summer tires, tire brands, tire fitment, tire prices, tires, treadwear ratings, Volvo OEM wheels, Wheels
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