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Fix Your Floor Jack


DIY: Floor Jack O-ring Rebuild

MVS Contributor CN90 — author of well over a dozen DIYs in the Volvo Repair Database — writes another outstanding DIY, this time for floor jacks… specifically, fixing leaks on them. Generally speaking, if a floor jack fails and it’s not an internal or external leak, it’s a structural failure and you’d want to send it to floor jack heaven rather than risk a limb using it under a two-ton car or SUV.

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POLL: What Helps MPG?

What Helps MPG?

Almost five years ago, MVS Contributor dan777 started a poll in the MVS forums and asked What Helps MPG? Almost 300 votes later across 30 poll choices, here are the MPG poll results

Everybody is trying to save gas those days, so would be nice to share what it helped increasing your MPG.
Please choose what it really made a difference for you (obvious factors like: wind, road grade, driving style are not in the list).

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ABS Pump Replacement DIY for 2001-2009 S60

ABS Pump Replacement DIY

New MVS Contributor ReWagner posts a great PDF that shows how to remove and replace the ABS pump in P2 Volvos…

For some time I have had an ABS message – with trouble codes BTM0070 (pump motor supply voltage, faulty signal) and BCH0072 (pump motor, mechanical error). The online information that I could find suggested that the likely problem was a faulty Brake Control Module.

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2006 XC70 Evap Pump Volvo Part

evap pump part number 31392490

Volvo Parts Numbers Don’t Change…

The numbers stay the same and the parts change. Check out Neil’s post about  a Volvo evap pump part #31392490 for his 2006 XC70:

In my last post I asked if anyone could confirm that the part I purchased from Volvo was the correct part as it looked different to the Vida info. It turns out Volvo (in their infinite wisdom) have updated the part number to a generic part that actually fits only the XC60 as supplied (not 100% on that). Apparently you have to cut the 2 pipes off that are supplied with it and use your original pipes to make it work!!

Below [above] is the pump as supplied.

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V90 Cross Country Photos

I like this car, but the oversized, low-profile wheel/tires don’t help its looks I’m afraid. They’re a size or two too large, giving the wheels a comic book look. Beyond that, it’s a high-ride-height V90 T6 AWD, which is just awesome. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m glad Geely bought Volvo.

the new V90 Cross Country

Discuss this car here.
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