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iPD Teflon/SS Brake Lines for P1 & P2 Volvos

Ten percent off through April 3. At $162 (after 10% off), they’re certainly not inexpensive. If they’re worth the money is dependent on you the driver, and if they fit into your cost/benefit calculus.

iPD Teflon/SS Brake Lines for P1 & P2 Volvos

Teflon - stainless steel braided brake lines

iPD Teflon/SS Brake Lines for P1 & P2 Volvos

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Rearview cameras will be required in vehicles in 2018

A final rule Monday by the US Department of Transportation will require all vehicles under 10,000 pounds to have rearview cameras by May 2018 in order to mitigate the damages caused by backup accidents. The mandate comes after years of delaying the regulatory review, which was supposed to be completed by 2011.

The standard was originally signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2008 to go into effect by the end of 2011. The regulatory review was delayed in February 2012 until the end of 2012 and then delayed again indefinitely.

According to ABC News, 50 children were backed over by a vehicle every week around the time of reporting, and one or two of those were killed. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 210 people die annually from getting backed over.

Source: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2014/03/rearview-cameras-will-be-required-in-vehicles-in-2018/

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AW 55-50SN Transmission Solenoid DIY Success

AW 55-50SN Transmission Solenoid DIY

Volvo P2 DIY wizard and MVS forum member precopster tells us how he performed the equivalent of the rebels destroying the Death Star in Star Wars:

I had some success last week with repairing the solenoids on the AW 55-50SN gearbox as fitted to the 2002 AWD S60.

To say it was a nerve racking experience is an understatement. TOTAL concentration is required and no interruptions while working if this isn’t your forte and you’re a first timer. The car was at my MILs and she was away at the time so I had uninterrupted time on the project.

Dropping the subframe wasn’t that difficult. I used the procedure from the repair database on Matthews. Hardest part was refitting one bolt for the trans line and dipstick which would have been a cinch if I’d removed the clamp on the hose going to the intercooler from the throttle body.

2002 S60 AWD AW 55-50SN Solenoid refurb-it worked

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S40 & V40: Hidden Horsepower?

thumbnail S40
MVS Forums member FixXxer6 and his 2004 S40 were wondering if there was any hidden horsepower in its intake, engine (and peripherals) or exhaust…

I was wondering if anyone knows about or has done any free/almost free mods to Volvos. Some cars have hidden HP that can be unchained by doing mods like unrestricting flow or removing stuff that isn’t needed. Any ideas?

2004 S40 Free Mods?

(spoiler: no, so far…)

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2001-2007 AW55-50SN Valve Body Re-assembly

MVS Forums Contributor Mike (precopster) shares a video he made of his valve body re-assembly, and also shares his considerable DIY skills regarding the (2001-2007 in North America, 2000-2008 in Australia) Volvo AW55-50SN transmissions.

AW55-50SN Valve Body Re-assembly

If you have undiagnosed banging noises on downshifts, and RPM flares, you would likely benefit from the information in this topic, even if you end up having the work done.

There are 3 different solenoids (SLS, SLT & SLU) and 2 different kits. 2003 and on for valve bodies marked “B” and “C” have their own kit.

The other solenoids S1 through S5 are not targeted. They just need to be tested.

The Sonnax part numbers you listed are for single solenoids not kits. Kits are sold on eBay.

Then the other solenoids for valve bodies with no markings or marked “A”

Both 2002 cars I refurbished were marked “A” as well as my uncompleted 2001.

Be careful with solenoid sellers. Some eBay sellers such as Ctpowertrain mention the letter designations and some don’t.

Also replacing just the solenoids is a shortcut which should fix 90% of the issues. In my video I show 2 small piston valves which I had already replaced. These solve some minor issues.

Also replacing all the valve body gaskets will solve minor cross leakage between oil galleys. Before embarking on this journey read all the literature I’ve provided including the Transgo install instructions.

2000-2008 AW55-50SN Valvebody re-assembly

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Brake Fluid 201

Brake Fluid, everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to askMVS Sponsor FCP Euro wrote a nice summary of brake fluid. Like all automotive fields, this one has come a long way in the hundred+ years cars have existed. If you haven’t read the latest on brake fluid in a decade or two, or need to know if you can mix two different types of fluid, this is the reference for you.

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid designed to be used in hydraulic brakes. Most brake fluid types are miscible and will absorb water, so it should be flushed to make sure the brake system has as little water in it as possible. When brake fluid is contaminated with moisture, it will lower the boiling point. This can cause a dangerous condition if the brake fluid boils under heavy braking – the resulting bubbles will significantly decrease the ability of the hydraulic system to apply the brakes. There are several types of brake fluids on the market.

Brake Fluid 201

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Shock Absorbers 101

MVS Sponsor iPD’s Ken and Cameron answer our shocks and struts questions: What do shocks do? How do you know when your shocks & struts are worn out? Once you know you need to replace the shocks on your Volvo how do you know which are right for you? Here, Ken and Cameron discuss the basics of shock absorbers and give a general overview of the replacement options.

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Donate to MVS Moderators Tally: $1000

Many thanks to MVS members who contributed to the MVS Moderators’ donation pot. A grand ain’t nothin’ to sneeze at!

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Give Back to our Forum Moderators

Donate to the MVS Moderators

This is MVS’s semi-annual event where I collect donations for our 5 mods.

They work for the love of helping people — it’s all volunteer work — so this is your chance to say thank you to them.

My Plea

The moderators — abscate, JDS60R, jblackburn, Ozark Lee, BillofDurham and Phil’s850 — are regular people with regular jobs, and trust me when I say if you donate, it’s genuinely appreciated and probably doesn’t go toward cigars and power yachts. Justin (jblackburn) is actually just starting out in (working) life, now working a 9-5 after having graduated college just a few years ago.

By donating YOU ensure our moderators know their time and work here is valued.

They do two things: they help with Volvo problems, and they do clerical tasks like banning spammers. Without them MVS would be a mess, I mean that, they keep the trains running on time. Think of them as bartenders keeping everyone happy, and managing things behind the scenes.

I don’t pay them — they do this for the love of helping Volvo owners like you. They didn’t even ask me to collect donations, I do this twice a year without asking them because they’d never bring it up first. They’re so modest, in fact, I don’t hear anything from them about donations, zero, except when they say thanks publicly.


  • All donors get an MVS Contributor badge.
  • Every donation helps. From five to five hundred. If all you can afford is $5, that’s fine.
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Donate to the MVS Moderators
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