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Oil Filter Insides – I Did it for Science!


MVS Volvo Forums contributor northernlights did what you’ve always wanted to do: he cut open an oil filter. Not only that, he did it to two.

After seeing countless videos of people disassembling non-Volvo oil filters, and not finding any pictures of Volvo oil filters, I decided to cut open a pair. Why only two, and which two?

One had to be the standard Mann W917, mostly because discussions about them usually follow this format:

Why do you use Mann filters?
Because Volvo craves them.
But why does Volvo crave them?
Because they are the best.
But why are they the best?
Because they are Mann filters!

The second was a Mahle OC204. This is another euro market product (made in Austria) from a large OEM and aftermarket supplier with essentially the same price point as Mann. And quite frankly, based on the scary pictures I’ve seen, I don’t buy orange filters, and would not encourage anyone else to either.

Oil Filter insides – I did it for science!

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Volvo to Offer Tuning Kits for Drive-E Engine

Drive-E Engine

Very interesting news today for Volvo models with the new Drive-E engine:

The Polestar Performance Optimization add-ons will be available for the majority of the three- and four-cylinder powerplants in the automaker’s downsized engine lineup.

Developed through collaboration between Volvo’s in-house research-and-development team and transmission maker Aisin Warner, the kits are said to borrow technology from the performance-focused S60 Polestar and V60 Polestar packages. Both cars have been selling faster than the company expected, prompting a second production batch and inspiring the tuning kits for basic models.

The kits are designed to improve engine performance, while also tweaking throttle response, shift speed, shift precision and off-throttle response. The company has not yet detailed how much additional performance buyers can expect.

“The more exact response to driver input and predictability from the powertrain, the higher level of control for the driver,” said Thed Bjork. “This is something we have achieved with the new generation where we have focused on mid-range drivability for the engines and combined that with a further developed gearbox and throttle package. This is the next level of driving experience for Volvo cars.”

The kits will be released near the end of June, with initial availability limited to the T6, T5, D5 and D4 engines. The company promises over 140 additional variations and optimizations to be added in the coming months.

Volvo to Offer Tuning Kits for Drive-E Engine

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Volvo’s 1990s EV Concept

Volvo ECC – Environmental Concept Car

Volvo ECC booklet

Volvo’s 1990s EV Concept

Tags concept cars, Environmental Concept Car, Volvo ECC
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Donate to MVS Moderators

Donate to MVS Moderators

MVS Moderator donation is here! But not for long.
100% of your donation goes to the five MVS Moderators.

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USB Charger + Cell Phone Mount

Cell Phone Mount

Volvo Forums member j-dawg shows off his constructive powers by making a sweet USB charger and dash mount for iPhones and other mobile devices.

I think one of the best things about newer cars is the interior electronics. I want to be able to talk handsfree, navigate via satellite, and play music off a USB drive instead of a CD. For longer trips, I want the phone charging. But I’m a lazy child of the future, and I don’t like plugging things in, swapping things around, etc. I want to have my phone Just Work with the car, with minimal fussing about.

Modern car stereos enable most of this, and various accessories do the rest. But I am a neat freak about car interiors. I hate wires running around the cockpit, giant plasticky mounts on suction cups, things that can get lost, things that look out of place, and so on. When necessary, I’ve been charging the phone with a cigarette lighter to USB adapter and a cable. Seeing all that sticking out of my 12V port drives me into a murderous rage, and there’s nowhere in the cabin to put the phone where I can briefly and safely glance at it. So I decided to put together an in-dash USB power cable and phone mount.

DIY USB charger + cell phone mount

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