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2004 XC70 — Replacing Front Pads And Rotors

2004 XC70 -- Replacing Front Pads And Rotors
MVS Forums member el_loco talks about his decision to replace his XC70′s pads and rotors himself:

My ’04 Xc70 has 107k miles and the rotors are just below minimum so I’ll be replacing them with new pads in the next couple of weeks. I understand that there are 2 sizes of rotors on this model and then, of course, corresponding pads so I need to know which are on mine before ordering parts.

1) I have not found any good write-ups for this pretty straightforward brake job, can someone point me in the right direction if there are one or more helpful resources out there (I do not have VIDA)

2) I mostly need torque specs for everything, especially and most urgently for the wheel lug nuts as I will pull a wheel to measure my rotors before ordering parts.

3) Are there any surprises I should know about (seals or O-rings or anything I might thrash and would want to replace as a matter of routine while I’m doing the front brakes)?

2004 XC70 — Replacing Front Pads And Rotors

Tags brake pads, DIY newbie, Rotors
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2003 Volvo Transmission Replacement: How Difficult?

MVS Forums user Lizardheart asks how hard it is to replace a P2 Volvo transmission:

I’m starting to get shifting trouble in this car, it has 185k so I guess I’ve done pretty well….since the car is still running well and in great shape and fact it I like it, I’m thinking about going ahead and doing the tranny replace, but I’m thinking about doing it myself.

So is that a reality based notion, or is it really super hard?

I’m pretty handy and definitely believe and act on the idea that in general even with buying special tools I can save money and end up with tools that I may use again and/or sell, and still come out ahead of what I would do with a dealer or shop…having said that this IS a fairly big job I’m guessing….

2003 V70 2.4T Tranny replace?

Tags P2, P2 transmission, transmission, transmission rebuild
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2005 Volvo XC90 2.5T: ATF, Angle Gear, AOC/Rear Diff Fluid


Undisputed Volvo DIY wizard cn90 hits one out of the park, and over the next park, with this outstanding DIY for XC90s. He shows how to change the auto transmission fluid (ATF), angle gear fluid, AOC filter, and AOC fluid and Rear Diff fluid. Yea, goosebumps here too.

This collection of tasks will take a good portion of the “consumables” on an 2.5 Turbo XC90 into the Good For Another 100k Miles Zone™.

2005 Volvo XC90 2.5T: ATF, Angle Gear, AOC/Rear Diff Fluid

Tags angle gear, AOC, ATF, DIY, Rear Diff Fluid
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ETM Code P1657 Fix

MVS Forums member  JBRollo:

I have been trying to fix a code P1657 on a 2000 Volvo S70 for about a week. No other symptoms at all. Finally noticed that the ETM warning light was not lighting up on start. I first thought someone cut the wire but I got lucky.

The bulb had been moved to a slot not in use! Moved it back and the code disappeared. Went throught three restarts and a test drive to make sure…think I fixed it. (ETM was replaced soon after I bought it!)

There doesn’t seem to be anything on the web about this code so I’m posting it here.

Code P1657 lookup yields ETS MIL Request OFF Signal Low (MIL ON)

So just check the bulb if you get this. The bottom panel under the drivers dash comes off easily.

Probably applies to other Volvos after 1999. I have the Denso engine management system.

2000 S70 ETM Code P1657 Fixed

Tags codes, Denso, ETM, P1657
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1997 S70 Replaced the 16T Turbo to 9 Blade Turbine

Who rebuilt their turbo? MVS Forums member Fosgate rebuilt his turbo. Here are his words on what he bought and how it went together:

Just to give you a bit of feedback on turbo replacement to a cartridge with 9 blade turbine wheel.

The car is 1997 S70 T5 (yep we got them in 97 where in Oz) that had standard TD01HL-16T turbo with 190k kms on it.

My engine has been blowing bit of smoke in the morning after its been sitting there over night and I thought its time to replace the turbo as its done close to 200k kms on the original turbo.
So found a company in Japan/Taiwan who were offering both 12 (standard), 11 and 9 blade 16T replacement cartridges for a reasonable price and after bit of discussion with them I end up ordering 11 blade unit as it would reduce the lag of the stock turbo (I have auto) and at the same time give me the performance of the original unit. Also the 11 blade unit was around $100 cheaper then the 9 blade unit.

1997 S70 Replaced the 16T Turbo to 9 blade turbine unit

Tags 11 blade, 16T, 9 blade, blowing smoke, TD01HL-16T, turbine, turbo rebuild
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