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Vacuum Transmission Fluid 2001-2007 Volvos

MVS Volvo Forums Contributor Jimmy57 and others discuss how to get transmission fluid out of 2001-2007 V70 and XC70, and other P2 type Volvos.

If you have no way to put car up on stands or on ramps then you could suck it out through dipstick. I have had these transmissions apart and the dipstick is a straight path to bottom of trans. IF you use suction then the front of the car being even 2 inches lower than rear (rear tires run up on two 2×4 pieces) would let fluid run to the front where the dipstick is located for a more complete capture.

Get 4 quarts. IT will take 3 1/2 more or less. I would put 3 1/2 in and then run it and check it.

The funnel needs to be 1/2 OD on end or it will not go into the dipstick tube. I have a funnel with a 8 inch length of 1/2 OD clear vinyl tubing that I use for these. The tubing can be pushed down through a funnel and will seal.

2006 V70 Transmission fluid drain and fill with vacuum extra

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1999 V70 T5 Manual Trans Drain Fill Plug Pictures


Pictures of 24 mm drain and fill plugs views from left front wheel well.

1999 v70 t5 manual trans drain fill plug pictures

Tags 5 speed manual, manual transmission, Transmission Fluid Drain & Fill
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1998 V70 AWD Front Oxygen Sensor Swap w Photos

1998 V70 AWD Front Oxygen Sensor Swap tools

MVS Forums contributor deepsouth shows us how a front O2 sensor swap is done on an AWD Volvo P80, including photos. This is a “from the top” DIY, meaning it’s how to do the front sensor swap access from the engine bay, not under the car. Outstanding.

Just swapped the front O2 sensor on my 1998 Volvo V70 AWD and documented it for those interested. On the AWD the sensor must be swapped from the top and it’s a bit of a bear to reach. Here are the steps.

1. Disconnect negative cable from battery.
2. Remove MAF sensor connection, smog pump hose, and upper hose clamp from turbo air pipe (see photos).
3. Remove air box from engine compartment.
4. Disconnect vacuum lines from upper half of turbo air pipe (2 lines, one on side and underneath) and from lower pipe at PTC Nipple (3 vacuum lines and an electrical connector…see photos).
5. Remove hose clamp that holds turbo air pipe to turbo. This is largely a “by feel” clamp and is difficult to see (see photo).
6. Remove turbo air pipe.
7. The upper and lower O2 sensor connectors are now visible. The red tab is a locking mechanism and must be slid out before connector can be removed.
8. Using crow’s foot O2 wrench (for rent at any parts store), u-joint, and long extension (or many small ones pieced together :) ) break loose old O2 sensor. This step is not fun nor easy and there is very little clearance.
9. The new sensor is a PITA to thread and install as well. I wound the wire the opposite direction several times before attempting to thread.
10. Tighten new sensor with crow’s foot and reassemble. It’s also a good time to clean and inspect PTC nipple.

1998 V70 AWD Front Oxygen Sensor Swap with Photos

Tags 1998 V70 AWD, Bosch 15097, DIY, front oxygen sensor, o2 sensor, O2 socket, P0133, Tutorial
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McGard Locking Wheel Bolts Removal: Drill DIY

Lost your wheel key? Feeling down? Well cheer up guy and grab a drill, because MVS has a DIY for you on how to defeat the Volvo wheel locks. Koen from The Netherlands wrote a wonderful tutorial on drilling out the McGard locking wheel bolts that came on Volvos.
McGard Locking Wheel Bolts Removal Tutorial

McGard Locking Wheel Bolts Removal: Drill DIY

This Ain’t All…

Tags DIY, Locking Wheel Bolts, McGard, Tutorial, Wheels
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Volvo 850 DIY Inner, Outer Tie Rod End Replacement w/pics

Volvo 850 DIY Inner, Outer Tie Rod End Replacement

MVS Contributor Jason Reed slays the tie rod dragon with one swing of the DIY sword.

This DIY guide shows how I replaced the TRW inner and outer tie rods on a 1997 Volvo 855 GLT with 165k miles. I benefited greatly from the write up by Nlemerise who did the job on his V70. His guide was posted on Swedespeed.

The link to his PDF appears dead, but luckily it’s also in the MVS database here.

Ozark Lee has also written up a procedure for the outer tie rod ends here

I took pictures at each step of the procedure, so it was easier to put them into a PDF than upload each one of them one-by-one.

Volvo 850 DIY Inner and Outer Tie Rod End Replacement w/50 Photos!

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