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S60 DIY Heated Seats


Quick and easy DIY for much comfortable travelling for my kids at winter-time: carbon seat heater pads installed under the rear seat bottom. Step-by-step photo series are below without text.

S60 DIY Heated Seats

Tags carbon heat seater pads, DIY Heated Seats, Preventive Maintenance
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Koni Sports + IPD Springs

Koni Sports

IG-88A wrote

I just purchased a new set of Koni Sport adjustable shocks and struts and picked up a set of IPD springs for my 850 turbo. I’m planning on installing these tomorrow. I was looking for anyone who might have dealt with this combination before, and could shed some light on what setting would be a good starting point for the rears, whether or not I should have any issues with stock 16″ tire size, or any other tips, tricks, helpful advice. I, for one, was shocked when i didn’t even need a compressor to install the springs on the struts. But after a phone call to IPD, they assured me that it was normal. Anyway, thanks in advance.


I’ve been riding on Koni Yellows since 2006. I had them so long they rotted through and leaked, and Koni replaced all 4 last year under warranty!

New Koni Sports + IPD Springs. 850. Seeking experience.

Tags IPD Sport springs, Koni Sport, ride and handling
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Pre-2001 V70/S70 Key Fob Programing

Key Fob Programing

MVS Forums member rainman

I have a 2000 Volvo V70 SE non- turbo. I purchased an oem uncut/ unprogrammed key from Tasca Auto parts. I am bringing the key to a volvo dealer to have it cut and programmed. I have read in a few different places that the 2000 V70 that has a flashing security light on the dash “does not” have to be programmed by the dealer and that I can program or link it to the key myself?

If anyone knows for certain whether it can or cannot be done by me, please let me know.

I already have the original key and 9166200 remote keyless entry, but I wanted to have a backup.

MVS Forums Contributor and all-around VIP jimmy57

99 -2000 S and V and the 99-2004 C need VIDA. The PIN is handled through a software download and programming is done once the software PIN is obtained.

Keys on 99 and later ALL have to be programmed using VIDA. Some 98′s in Canada had immobilizer and keys have to be VST plus PIN programmed on those.

Remotes on 99 and later P1, P2, P3 all require new GENUINE remotes so that you have the programming alphanumeric code strings plus VIDA.
There is no cycle key X times, press buttons shortcut on the VGLA 800 platform cars.

MVS Forums Moderator abscate

I’m not an expert on this stuff but I’m pretty confident no one has escaped the dealership on the later cars… 1999-on.

1998 V70 Key Fob Programing

Tags 9166200, program remote, Tasca, VIDA, Volvo Scan Tool, VST
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Legendary Volvo Racing 850 BTCC Cars & Engines


MVS Contributor j-dawg: The Volvo BTCC wagons from the ’90s are some of the more memorable cars out of the last few decades of racing. Thought I’d link to a pretty basic article on it just posted to one of my favorite sites, Speedhunters. It’s nothing new, but it’s nice to see the car in the spotlight.

MVS Contributor jimmy57:

The engine was tilted way back and the driveshaft for right side passed under intake. Custom gearbox of course. Low center of mass and better weight distribution. HUGE individual throttles with stacks. Gorgeous hardware. The kind BIG money buys. TWR put on a show at a Volvo event at Circuit Zolder in 99 and had a couple of cars and did some hot laps for us. No rides in the BTCC cars but we did get rides by Volvo drivers in S40s (the 4 cylinder ones), only they did a parking lot course lap up on two wheels.

BTCC Volvo 850 wagon

Legendary Volvo 850 BTCC Cars & Engines

Tags 850 history, BTCC, volvo 850 photos, Volvo racing
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Volvo XC90 – Why you love yours!

Volvo XC90

Four years after starting the topic, MVS Contributor songzunhuang updates a classic MVS XC90 thread:

Long term update – my XC90 just turned over the 100K mark over the Thanksgiving holidays. My kid thought I was nuts as I pulled over to take a picture of the odometer at night.

So I bought the car with 36K miles and was very worried about the tranny issues I kept hearing about. Well, it’s been over 64K miles now and we haven’t has any issue mechanically (knock on wood).

The only thing that cost real money was the stereo amp! I had to replace that at a “discounted” cost of $800. Everything else has been regular maintenance.

To top it off, I now get 20.5mpg pretty regularly. This is better then when I first got the car. Who woulda figured? The main thing I would change about the car? I wish it had an integrated iPhone / iPod jack.

Volvo XC90 – Why you love yours!

Tags love, XC90 ownership
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