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I Love My Volvo Outback

I Love My Subaru Volvo

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Troubleshoot Heat Soak ECM, BCM, CEM, & TCM


Detailed thread from hankb on troubleshooting ECM DIM CAN bus as function of heat and humidity:

This is my second post on this forum regarding the same unsolved problem – you can find my first saga here on this site.

That post was a year ago – it describes intermittent trouble with the DIM failing, ABS lighting up, and the transmission jerking violently, ONLY in warm temperatures. The problem has resumed this year and once again I’m determined to find a resolution.

I purchased a VIDA DiCE system and have been collecting information and screenshots for a few days. My hope is that someone here will recognize the problem based on this information and offer me a lead.

I can tell you in advance that the DIM, TCM, CEM, and BCM are believed to be in working order. The CEM and BCM are from XemodeX and the TCM was replaced by the dealership. I haven’t replaced the ECM because it is very expensive and ECM functions seem to be fine in general.

I have developed my own suspicions based on the codes, but I am a novice, so I don’t want to mislead those who know better. If you would like any other information that I might provide PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask. I am literally desperate to get this car working correctly.

2004 S60 Troubleshoot heat soak ECM, BCM, CEM, & TCM

More about Volvo’s mysterious CAN bus.

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Should I buy this 2007 S80 V8 AWD?

Should I buy this 2007 S80 V8 AWD?

Looked at this silver w/black interior 2007 volvo S80 V8 awd yesterday with 88k miles on it. It has some light scratches (like from bushes) on one door but otherwise nice cosmetics. I assume it has the sport package since it has the 18″ Zubra wheels, three suspension modes, and ventilated seats. It also has some strange cruise control option with something on the dash that lights up red. The car has horrible Kumho tires that look relatively new but the dealership obviously rotated them so the scalloped sections on the outer tread are running backwards now and causing serious tire noise. Question; is tire wear problematic on the AWD cars? Dealer has discounted for a new set of tires. Question; the cars has no spare. Has a place for the spare but nothing there not even a donut. Did the car originally come with run flats, hence no spare? I really like the car and the price is $10k with my 01 V70 T5 as a trade in (good shape 132k miles). Car seems to drive well and the suspension modes do noticeably change. Any other problem areas to look for?

Should I buy this 2007 S80 V8 AWD?

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Volvo 850 Suspension Wandering

worn vs. new rear suspension mounts

MVS Volvo Forums member hausmeister had a problem with his Volvo wandering side-to-side while driving down the road. (“Drift” would be a good explanation, if the term hadn’t been appropriated by the Fast and the Furious street racing crowd.)

Question about suspension… I have already replaced:

  • control arms
  • inner+outer tie rods
  • iPD Subframe Inserts
  • oem strut brace

I still have an issue that the car wanders a bit… hard to describe… over uneven road it wants to steer itself and you have to actively counter it more than you should. It is not play in the steering, but that it wants to follow the road too much.

I had a similar issue with badly worn control arms on my s70, which was fixed with new parts. But as they are already new that can’t be the reason.
The strut brace helped a lot with this, the bushing inserts helped a bit. But it is still there.

What should I be looking at?

Member brad850 suggested replacing front suspension parts and an alignment.

I had a similar effect in my 850T, which would be really disturbing in the rain. It would just slowly slide over to one side on it’s own. It has proven to be control arms/ball joints and CV shafts, and it was completed out of align, with the front wheels toed outward, so it was skating on the inside edges of the tire. Replaced all those parts and aligned, much better now, tires this weekend, those front two are toast.

Then today hausmeister reported he’d finally tracked down the problem and solved it with new rear suspension mounts/bushings.

By the way, this is solved, problem were worn rear suspension mounts/bushings.
After replacing all 4 the car drives fine :)

Volvo 850 Front Suspension Wandering

Tags drift, rear suspension, suspension, wandering, Worn Suspension Parts
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What Volvo Parts are OEM Only?

Volvo Parts: OEM Only

Hmm let’s see now. What parts should we use as OEM only? This list may help others save themselves a LOT of repeating repairs.

Volvo ’93-’00 850/V70

  1. Front control arms
  2. Cam seals
  3. Sachs or Bilstein or Koni shocks only
  4. Spring seats
  5. Flame trap kits

If anyone would like to contribute to this thread please do so, or relate experiences where non-OEM have disappointed.

What Parts Should Be OEM Only?

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