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S60 Ranked Low Despite Good Scores

Dear Car and Driver,

I’ve been reading since 1988, love ya, but this #8 Volvo S60 ranking I have to ask #wtf?

You rank the S60 #1 in mpg, #1 (tie) in 0-60, and #2 in starting price. Those are the only three criteria listed under this Rank in Segment, so they must be important. Right? You must really hate the S60′s performance in the other criteria it’s judged on.


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Volvo XC90 3.2 Transmission Flush DIY


MVS Volvo Forums member skippyxc90 scores a touchdown (hey, it’s Superbowl 49 in 3 days) with this outstanding Volvo XC90 3.2 Transmission Flush DIY. He performed it on his 2008 XC90.

Save a few hundred dollars by doing it yourself. Here’s how.

I’m about to perform a complete transmission flush. These are the steps that I’m going to follow:

1. Disconnect Negative and Positive terminals of the battery. Remove Air Cleaner Cover. Remove 2 screws for Fresh Air Hose in front plate. Remove Fresh Intake Hose…

Volvo XC90 3.2 Transmission Flush DIY

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Heater Core Hoses Fix

Heater Core Fix

…  for 850, S70, V70, XC70, and V70-XC Volvos up to model year 2000.

MVS Volvo Forums member Boxman gives us an outstanding heater core junction block bypass DIY. It’s a concise writeup with good pictures.

As these things get old, the plastic turns brittle. As long as you don’t touch it, it will probably hold up fine. While swapping my engine, the connectors HAD to come out, and in doing so you will usually ruin it. In my case the plastic was brittle and probably cracked internally when disconnecting the hoses. Upon reinstalling my new engine, I could take a shower under my car when I filled it with water for the first time.

Heater Core Firewall Junction/Coupler bypass – DIY write-up

Tags DIY, Heater Core, heater hose coupler
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What’s Up With Volvo’s Security Screws On MAF?

Security Screws On MAF

MVS Volvo Forums ninja instarx asks a great question: why the practice of securing the MAF sensor with security screws?

“Bought a new MAF and what a difference! Easy starting, smooth running.

But what’s up with the 5-point security screws that mount the sensor? Why does Volvo think its so important to not unscrew it? It’s just a sensor inserted into a plastic collar.

I ask because my replacement MAF assembly has a diameter that is a bit too large to fit into my filter housing and air duct (I had to duct tape it in place). I want to put the new sensor into the old assembly, but there are those darn 5-point security screws. Why does Volvo think that never removing that part is so critical?”

What’s up with the security screws on the MAF?

Tags MAF, mass airflow sensor, security screws, torx
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Dipstick Tube O Ring Replacement

Dipstick Tube O Ring

Well done dipstick tube O ring replacement by MVS Volvo Forums superstar Jreed!

“During a routine oil change last week I noticed a little oil seeping out around the base of the dipstick tube where it enters the oil pan. I ordered a new seal ring from IPD (using the ad link above — great prices these days at IPD!) and installed it this morning. There were several write-ups already on the site about part numbers but none that I could find that showed the procedure…”

1997 Volvo 855 GLT Dipstick Tube Seal Ring Replacement

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