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96 Volvo 850 R ABS Module Wiring w/Pics

96 volvo 850R ABS Module wiring w/pics

I did the test procedure per Midwest ABS to check the ohms between the ABS connector and the wheel sensors.. all sensors should ohm between 900-1380. My wheel sensors all showed good except the right rear..

  • LF- 1129 ohms
  • RF- 1155 ohms
  • LR- 1123 ohms
  • RR- 0 ( I guess bad sensor or wire problem ? )

96 Volvo 850 R ABS Module Wiring w/Pics

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How To Rebuild Head: Most 5-Cylinder Volvos

How To Rebuild Head: Most 5-Cylinder Volvos

Volvo Forums contributor rspi shows us — literally, it’s a video — how to rebuild the head of most 5-cylinder Volvos.

This video will show how I rebuild the heads on the motors I fix. Valve stem seals and all. This will apply to over head cam motors but the video was made from a Volvo S70 NA head.

How to rebuild the head on your Volvo 850, S70, etc.

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Amazing S60 R For Sale, Denver, $18k, 85k Miles


Amazing S60 R For Sale, Denver, $18k

This is just a slice of the car’s history. This car is unreal. I’ve seen it, sat in it.

Maintainance -

  • I changed the oil at 1000 miles and have done since then every 2.5k miles. Full synthetic. Castrol Syntec, then Mobil 1 EP, then changed to Redline.
  • The coolant has been changed 4 times. blue Volvo brand.
  • Transmission fluid was flushed at 17K, 30K, 45K, 60K.
  • All other fluids, power steering, bevel gear, brake fluid, AOC and rear diff. changed at 30K and 60K. The AOC/Haldex filter was changed at 60k.
  • Front Brake Pads at 35k and Rear At 75K.
  • Replaced Front Struts At 55K. Used XC90 Mounts, Replaced front sway bar end links and installed XC90 axle bolts $2000
  • Windshield replaced with Factory Volvo Glass
  • New Volvo Windshield and headlamp wipers $80
  • Shell V-power Gas Run 100% of the time since new.

This Ain’t All…

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Catalytic Convertors… How Do They Work?

Bosch Catalytic Convertor

MVS Volvo Forum Contributor rmmagow lays it out on catalytic converters (abbreviated often as simply “cat“):

The CAT is a pretty simple device, no moving parts. The front O2 sensor is before the CAT and is the important part in the mileage equation. The rear O2 sensor (in most cars) does little but watch the stream for being clean. The Front O2 sensor will switch voltage pretty frequently, rich-lean-rich-lean, the rear should be a very much smooth curve of voltage. If it starts varying voltage a lot, CEL is set, cat below efficiency. Lots of folks here recommended to me the Magnaflow when I needed a CAT. It will work fine. I ended up getting a Used cat volvo brand welded in place. The cat really can be any good quality cat made by a major supplier and installed properly by an exhaust shop since there’s welding going on. If my AWD ever needs another cat, I might well try one of the aftermarket brands from like FCP or Eeuroparts if there’s a good warranty for fit and function. In short, any functional cat will work and won’t break the O2 sensors. Don’t go ultra cheap though or “reb

Catalytic Convertors… How Do They Work?

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