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accessories.volvocars.com Is Amazing

Here’s a fantastic trove of Volvo information that takes the form of PDF (downloadable) files, a Winter Wheel Configurator, and many other things… including diagrams on how to install the thousands of Volvo accessories listed in these documents. It’s shockingly good.

Astoundingly, it covers everything from the 1982 Volvo 700-series to every 2016 model Volvo sells. Take a peek at various models and years as examples:

According to the Wayback Machine, it dates to late 2014, for what it’s worth. This collection is really so wide and deep it’s difficult to wrap your head around, and it’s not a simple thing to explain in writing. Parts, accessories, services, diagrams… it’s gigantic. It’s best experienced by finding your Volvo model(s) and poking around. There’s more stuff for newer Volvos, naturally.


accessories.volvocars.com Is Amazing

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Volvo Polestar Bumped to 362 hp, New 4-cyl Nerfs Torque

New Polestar

Volvo Polestar: Lose 2, gain 2, gain 17, swap AWD

The fast and (very) limited edition Volvo Polestar models are now powered by Volvo’s Drive-E 4-cylinder, 2-liter engine, which has replaced almost every other powerplant in Volvo’s lineup. This version of the 2.0 is supercharged and turbocharged, like the 2.0 in the new $66k XC90 T6, except with more grunt.

The Volvo Polestar S60 and V60 rocketships lose the tried-and-true 6-cylinder mill and will gain two more gears, for a total of eight. Interestingly, Volvo ditches longtime AWD system provider Haldex for a new BorgWarner AWD system.

Car & Driver:

For starters, the Volvo Polestar has more power: 362 horsepower compared to the six’s 345. Torque output is down, however, with the four-cylinder making 347 lb-ft versus the six-cylinder’s 369, but Volvo claims that the new Polestars are quicker than their predecessors. (A 2015 S60 Polestar went from zero to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds in our tests.) With fewer cylinders to feed and a new eight-speed automatic transmission replacing the previous six-speed, Volvo also says fuel economy is improved, although we don’t have any EPA numbers.

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Lost Your Volvo DVD Remote? Here’s a $7 Replacement


No Need To Spend $100+ on a DVD Remote Replacement

If you have a Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) system, you probably have kids. If you have kids, the DVD remote has gone missing.

From The Volvo DVD RSE System page:

The system functions can be operated using the wireless remote control. All you need to do is point the remote control at the screen you want to change.

Well, yea, if you have the remote. If not, then what? $129 for a new one, that’s what. (Or $104, depending on what page you land on.) Or, you can get one for $7 at Harbor Frieght. Thanks to MVS member CyberSquatch for his post about this yesterday.

The solution:

I purchased a universal remote at Harbor Frieght, for $7.00. Used a JVC code (0443) and it works. On my XC90 2006.
Anyone to this problem, get it a try.

The problem:

I have the in console system and need a dvd remote. Anyone know where to buy one?

Has anyone gotten a universal to work with it?

Does anyone have a remote that they can get codes from and send to me to program my own universal remote?

Thanks for any help you can give. These things are rare unless you want to drop a hundred bucks on it ha ha.

You won’t win any style awards with the Harbor Freight remote, but it’ll work if you set it up for JVC devices, which the Volvo DVD system may very well be.
Remote for DVD RSE System

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AWD to FWD Conversion on a 2005 XC70

WP_20160329_21_46_19_Pro (Medium).jpg

AWD Broke – Can He Convert it to Front Drive Only?

MVS Forums Contributor renns asks about AWD to FWD Conversion on a 2005 XC70, much like 1997-2000 Volvo owners do all the time, like here, and here, and here.

OK, I picked up the XC70, 90,000 miles, in very nice shape overall. I had it towed home yesterday, put it up on stands tonight, and pulled the driveshaft and bevel gearbox. The rear driveshaft seems to be in useable condition, although the CV’s in each end seem stiff and likely need re-packing. The problem, however is the bevel gearbox as reported by the previous owner. The output to the rear driveshaft was very loose, and oozing gear oil.

I’ve attached a few pictures. It looks like there really are no user-serviceable parts inside. The gears have tooth damage, and the bottom of the housing was full of roller bearing pieces. At the split line on the housing there was some grey assembly paste that didn’t seem to be ‘factory’ installed. Looking at the cover casting, it appears this box has been apart to modified and re-sealed per Volvo’s TNN ‘Angle Gear Fluid Leakage’. It’s not a good sign that the box has failed now, with so few total miles on the car.

In any case, the question now is what to do… I am on the search for a replacement box locally, but am wondering about driving this car in the meantime. The drive collar stayed in the transmission, and I can make up a keeper to retain it like I did a few years back on my old V70, so that’s not a concern. My only reservation is with regards to setting codes/warning lights. Will pulling the AWD fuse prevent that? I’m hoping to lure a reply to two with the pics below!

I’m confident in the mechanical aspects of the conversion – it’s the computer/codes issues I’m concerned about, as the newer cars have a much ‘smarter’ AWD system than my old ’98.

2005 XC70 – Convert to FWD

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Volvo Crossbars – Will They Work with No Channel Strips?

volvo crossbars

Roof Rails Require Rubber Replacement

MVS member SonicAdventure has a problem. He found some nice Volvo crossbars, but will they work without the channel strips that help hold them to the roof?


Hello, I got lucky and found a set of OEM Volvo cross bars at the junk yard. However, the 3/4″ wide rubber strips that fit in the channel is missing on both of them.

If there a product out there that would be a good replacement? I was thinking of that 3/4″ self adhesive weather stripping stuff they sell at Home Depot, but I’d like something a little more durable.

Volvo Crossbars – Will They Work with No Channel Strips?

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