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Replace the voltage regulator w alternator still on the car

That’s how to replace the voltage regulator with the alternator still on the car, by Volvo repair superman RSPI. This is for the Volvo P80 family of cars, namely 850, S70, V70, XC70 up to model year 2000, and C70 up to model year 2004.

So we can replace components of the alternator instead of the whole thing? Yes! If you want to save money, you can replace only the subsystems in the alternator. You must buy the right replacement parts and it can be difficult with all the part numbers. So that’s where this Volvo Forums post comes in. It helps you find the right parts.

Save money when your alternator needs replacement

This alternator replacement forum topic has videos in it that show how to replace the alternator’s subsystems, like bearings and brushes, for those inclined to save money this way. It also has a fair bit of discussion on which method is best for you: replace the whole alternator, or only the failed alternator components.

MVS Forums member Redneck speaks about the differences in parts per region of the world:

Each Bosch alternator is different. There are about 50 variants or more. The same situation is with Bosch starter motor. It is important to find your Bosch part number. Volvo PN is irrelevant here. Bosch alternators/starters are in many other auto brands and are the top, most popular brand around the world. Having that Bosch PN, you look for parts for it and verify it with various aftermarket manufacturer catalogs for compatibility that you can easily search for online. This is a tedious task, but that is what you need to do to do it right.

When it comes to rebuilding our alternator/starter, the problem we have is that we are in a wrong country. USA is a rich country where people throw away things and buy new, or refurbished ready to install. You don’t really see any American online store selling individual alternator/starter components. What you have on eBay from USA sellers are overpriced, no name expensive aftermarket parts with suspicious quality. Stuff they got in huge quantity from Alibaba (and 40 thieves:) from China. The solution is to look in European online stores, better look for Eastern European online stores. It is a big industry in Eastern Europe to sell stuff like that. People there actually fix things instead of throwing them away as in the USA. They don’t really have any Chinese stuff there. Mostly German or other European aftermarket manufacturers.

The good thing about USA is that you can easily find used parts cheap on eBay from junkyard pullers and get those components to fix them from Eastern Europe. So that is what you do! You get German or Italian aftermarket brands! I am sourcing all my alternator/starter components directly from Latvia most likely. $100 in Latvia is a lot of money and they treat you well if you spend that much there. American eBay sellers often treat you poorly. If you ask too many questions before you buy, they block you:) because they are scared:). That is my experience buying stuff from US eBay junk yard hyenas:)

Volvo 850, S70, V70 alternator repair, replace regulator.

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1999 Volvo V70 R dipstick pushing up

crankcase pressure glove test

Dipstick pushing up, but the PCV has already been done.

Dan McBoost fixed a very common Volvo P80 and P2 problem: pressure in oil pan pushes dipstick out. But first he had to cause the problem. To do that, he did his V70 R’s PCV system and replaced a whole bunch of wear items.

The odd thing about his case was that he had already replaced the PCV system, which is usually the fix, not the cause of, a dipstick pushing up.

Previous to recent repairs:

  • Oil cap fill location failed the rubber glove test (checked because of oil leaks).
  • Glove filled up with air.
  • Noted normal gas mileage 17-20MPG.

Repairs done:

  • 12/15 2015: Replaced the complete PCV system with IPD kit.
  • 12/15 2015: Also replaced the timing belt, waterpump, alternator, thermostat with all new parts (from IPD (except the alt)).

Current new issues:

  • very bad gas mileage (~8-10mpg, but I have not filled it up yet)
  • oil dip stick gets pushed up and oil does spray out.
  • high pitched noise, which sounds kind of whistle like. When the engine is shut off, still makes the noise after the engine stops, but then fades away.
  • The PTC nipple is clear and the valve cover now has great vacuum (does not fail the glove test).

Does anyone have any idea or ideas of what to start with? A bunch was replaced with new and I am at a loss of ideas.

Pressure in oil pan – pushes dipstick out

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VVIS Install Walkthrough – “Yitsbox”

In the dash Working

Interested in the famous VVIS install on your non-turbo 850? MVS super contributor Neil shows us how he did it back in 2012.

Availability of this VVIS mod is not certain, let’s start there. Another important fact is that it works on 1993 and 1994 N/A 20-valve 5-cylinder Volvos, unless you want to look at doing a manifold mod to install this VVIS mod.

Here is the original VVIS mod forum topic.

VVIS / Yitsbox Theory

Yitsbox inventor razorx:

The 20V non turbo models had a variable inlet manifold, to increase engine efficciency. Well this topic is all about the control of this manifold and how to improve the behaveour of the engine.

OK you will reach not more bhp’s but much better behaveour and performance in low revs.

Let me explain:

While reading the original design documents, I arrived at something interesting about VVIS (Volvo Variable Induction System). Please read carefully:

vvis theory

VVIS Install Walkthrough – “Yitsbox”

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RWD Volvos Have PNP Switch Flashing Arrows Too

PNP Switch Flashing Arrow

MVS member Bob had the common flashing arrow light on the dash of his 1995 960.

While looking at the wiring harness connector (8 sockets) that plugged into the PNP switch connector (8 pins), I noticed one wire looked “funny” – and for good reason. It was no longer connected to the crimped on socket connector. I began tugging at these wires that went from the main wiring harness to the connector and several of them were not even connected any longer!

I cut the remaining wires from the connector and examined the connector. It’s a plastic box that has “ears” that fold down over the socket connector that is encased in a short plastic tube within the box. What was astonishing was that most of the sockets themselves had DISSOLVED. This left the wire to be just held against the inserted plug from the PNP connector. As it was driven the wires vibrated away and toward the connector sometimes making contact and sometimes not.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to find replacement sockets at an equipment salvage store, a real good hand crimping tool (Crimper, Ratcheted, AWG 20-18, 16-14, 12-10, ..non-insulated, open barrel terminals $35 – Amazon), clear plastic water tubing (5/16″ OD x 3/16″ ID). I have literally rebuilt the connector block. Car starts and runs great even though this has been a 2 year process with it sitting a lot.

Warning Red Arrow on Dash Flashing-Volvo 960

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The Birth, Life & Death of an XC90 T6


Ok, that title was a little dramatic, but that’s the idea. MVS member XVTer bought a 2004 XC90 T6 a few years ago for his wife. In between the buying date and selling date he posted some of the best tune-up, Stage 0 and restoration info for XC90s I’ve ever seen. This is his XC90 T6 story.

Beware Transmissions on XC90 T6 Models

XVTer didn’t know about the notorious XC90 T6 transmission problems, but after learning about them post-purchase, he felt he could rebuild it if/when it came to it.

The Repair Life of a XC90

We’ll start at the end (sale), and work back.

June 10th, 2013:

Just wanted to give a final update to this thread.

My wife and I have decided to sell the XC90 as-is with the slipping transmission. The mechanic who we sent the car to gave us an offer, and, though it was less than we wanted to get for the car, we decided it was time to part ways with the Volvo.

I have a few parts left over like all-weather mats and a set of aftermarket wheels which I may list on here, but I really don’t like shipping things so they may just go up on craigslist.

It has been many years, but I no longer own a Volvo right now. Hopefully one day I will have another but until then, Happy Modding.

June 2013, trouble hits:

Well, i finally got the dreaded “TRANSMISSION SERVICE URGENT” warning. Seems to be slipping a little in the 3-4 gear change. I inspected the fluid and it’s already black (changed fluid/filter last fall). Did two drain/fills with SeaFoam Trans Tune and it seems like it’s better, but I am not taking any chances. Having a guy look at it to see what the problem is. My ScanGauge gave me a general P0700 code – just states a problem with the transmission.


The Birth, Life & Death of an XC90 T6