Plugs, Wires, Cap, & Rotor DIY

A Fine Spark Plugs, Wires, Cap & Rotor Change Tutorial for Pre-1999 Volvo 5-cyl

Here’s perhaps the best-documented Spark Plug replacement tutorial yet, with bonus cap, rotor & wires coverage. Volvo Forum member and contributor polskamafia mjl takes us carefully through each of 20 or so steps to replace (and gap) spark plugs, cap & rotor, and wires. This isn’t difficult at all, and this tutorial makes it even simpler.

Here is the Spark Plugs, Wires, Cap & Rotor print link print icon for those who like to have a hard copy next to them while they do repairs. I recommend printing tutorials, always.

remove MAF clip from air hose

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Date July 28, 2010

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