The Prancing Moose Story

Prancing moose stickersWe Volvo owners don’t take ourselves as seriously as some other makes’ owners. Proof? How about the famous Prancing Moose stickers? If you’re not a car enthusiast you might not get it. Here’s a hint.

MVS Sponsor MySwedishParts sells them. I’ve seen a few on Volvos around town, and to the casual observer, I’m thinking the design leaves at least bewilderment in its wake. Honey, that looked like the Ferrari logo on that V70… but… something wasn’t quite right about it

The stickers are the result of a combination of Volvo’s marketing department and Volvo RWD enthusiast Dave Barton. Paraphrasing Dave: in 2003, to show the accident-avoiding reflexes of the new XC90, Volvo built the “Moose Avoidance Test.” It was their bit of closed track where the XC90 stunt driver would avoid a dummy moose.

After seeing a Volvo-produced sticker on an XC90 show car — “a cartoon-like standing moose profile” — Dave got the idea to ape Ferrari by drawing the moose rearing up. Now he sells the stickers to Volvo — and recently other makes like Saab — owners all over the world. And the rest is history.

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Date December 20, 2012

2 responses to “The Prancing Moose Story”

  1. […] it may be a tall order, but we can’t help imagining the possibilities of a greener, meaner Prancing Moose roasting ze Germans on the […]

  2. Bob Claborne says:

    So, would you call this the “Alcilino Rampante” then?

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