Volvo Repair Database, by Category

There are two ways to consider the large number of VRD entries: by Volvo model, which is self-explanatory, and by category, where you are now.

Categories are "buckets" that break down VRD entries by the type of repair, tutorial, advice or modification. Categories are best explained by examples: "Engine", "Climate Control", "Interior", etc. Those are just three of the dozens of categories. Below are all of them.

Volvo MPG

35 posts

How many miles per gallon are Volvo owners getting in the city? On the highway? MPG talk is here. Compare your Volvo to other Volvo owners' fuel economy.

Reference Photos

85 posts

Photos of Volvos and Volvo parts to help you identify parts

Body, Trim & Exterior

57 posts

Exterior bits that make our Volvos pretty and functional: Body, Exterior Trim, Wipers, Glass, Bumpers, Mudguards, etc.

Engine - Head, Cams, Cylinders & More

226 posts

Everything about our Volvo engines from air delivery to turbo wastegate: Internals, Turbo, Wastegate, Air Delivery, Airbox, Air Filter, Camshaft, Valves, Head, Pistons

Volvo Climate Control: Heat & AC

81 posts

Everything to do with climate control on Volvos - switches, air conditioning, pollen filter, evaporator, heater core, AC recharging, heat, vents, flashing/blinking climate control lights.

Volvo Suspension

135 posts

Everything that holds your wheels to your Volvo's frame - wheel hubs, struts, control arms, tie rods, sway bars, springs, spring seats, Nivomats, Bilstiens

Volvo Transmission

124 posts

A category devoted to the devices that make our Volvos go forward, backward, and remain still - Volvo transmissions.

Volvo Exhaust

31 posts

Volvo exhausts, catalytic convertors, mufflers, tips and downpipe discussion, answers and DIY tutorials.

Volvo Fluids

75 posts

Information on fuel additives, oil additives and extenders, grease, lubricants, head gasket sealer, radiator sealers and more

Volvo Emissions

41 posts

Emissions system on our Volvos: EVAP valves, purge valve, air pump, oxygen sensors etc. Catalytic converter topics are in the Exhaust category.

Volvo Tips

105 posts

Tips, tricks, general Volvo information for owners

Buyer's Guide

123 posts

What to look for in a new or used Volvo and how to negotiate with dealers. Also, this category features buying tips for tools, Volvo parts, and tires.


53 posts

Volvo Drivetrain: AWD Systems, CV Joints, Bevel Gear etc., discussion, answers and DIY tutorials. These are the pieces that move your Volvo forward and backward.

Volvo Car Company

68 posts

Discussion and opinions about Volvo Car Corporation, or Volvo Personvagnar AB.

Electronic Throttle Module

19 posts

ETM -- Volvo's “fly-by-wire” module that does the work a throttle and throttle linkage used to do

Volvo Radiator Etc.

35 posts

Everything having to do with keeping the Volvo engines at the correct running temperature.

Volvo Recalls

5 posts

When Volvo contacts you to bring your Volvo in to the dealer for fixes, it's a recall.

Capacities, Measurements, Standards & Statistics

23 posts

This category includes posts about numbers. Numbers that define various Volvo models' appetite for oil, transmission fluid, steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and the like... things that Volvo engineers gave their spawn when they was born. When the Volvo model was born, not the engineer.

Timing Belt

52 posts

Timing belt replacement and various TB-related info

Belts, Hoses & Lines

49 posts

Info and tutorials on Volvo belts, hoses and vacuum lines... the various engine accessories that keep our engines running


58 posts

Advice and suggestions on what tools to buy to make working on your Volvo easier

Engine Breathing - MAF, PCV, EGR, Etc.

61 posts

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Postive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV), Idle Air Control Valve (IAC), and their related components that perform ventilation duties on our Volvo engines

Performance & HP

123 posts

How to get more performance out of your Volvo, how to increase horsepower and torque, turn sharper and stop quicker

Aftermarket Accessories

49 posts

Roof racks, mud guards, dog barriers, headlight protectors, instrument gauges and the thousand other items we can choose from to install into or on our Volvos.


24 posts

Restoring Volvos, Restored Volvos... bringing the old timers back to life.

Instrument Cluster

21 posts

This category covers anything related to our Volvos' instrument cluster, like odometer, speedometer, boost gauge, tachometer, instrument bulbs, how to get to the instrument cluster, and more.

Matt's Volvo Blog

47 posts

Matt's random writing about Volvo topics that don't fit into any other category.

Diagnostics - OBD & Codes

56 posts

How to read Volvo codes, what they mean... codes discussion, answers and DIY tutorials. OBD, OBD II, VIDA, DiCE, VADIS.

Accidents, Insurance, Titles & Warranty

15 posts

Accidents, Insurance, Titles & Warranty - All the overhead items of owning a vehicle... what you should expect after an accident -- insurance claims, insurance work, estimates, "totalling", body shop work, etc. Plus titles and Volvo and 3rd party warranties.

Volvo Doors

20 posts

Doors, door handles, door hinges, check straps... everything door-related except windows, glass and keys

Volvo Safety

37 posts

The things that make our Volvos safe: airbags, Side Impact Protection System (SIPS), side impact curtains... general safety.

Software Updates

24 posts

Volvo software controls more and more functions of our Volvos today. This category addresses that aspect of Volvo maintenance - software updates.

Volvo Steering

17 posts

Steering-related information here... fluid, rack, etc.

Brakes, Pads and Rotors

61 posts

Everything to do with slowing, stopping, or keeping your Volvo stopped... Volvo brakes.

Basic Maintenance

93 posts

If you're starting fresh with DIY Volvo maintenance, you need the basics. This is them.

Cosmetic Upgrades

12 posts

All non-functional "upgrades" on Volvos... trim, wheel caps, spoilers, fuzzy dice, etc.

How to buy Volvo Parts

55 posts

How to buy parts for your Volvo. Tips, vendors, deals and discounts save you money on Volvo parts.

Water Pump

23 posts

A category for the devices that provide the push for the coolant moving through Volvo engines.


30 posts

Category for sensors found on Volvos like mass airflow sensor (MAF), throttle position sensor (TPS), coolant sensors, oxygen sensors, wheel speed sensors, air temperature sensors and others

Volvo Parts

62 posts

Opinions on Volvo parts brands -- which are worth the savings and which brands to avoid.

Boost, Turbo & Intercoolers

53 posts

Topics concerning boost: fuel-air mixture, psi, air temperature, turbo models and brands, turbo lag, vacuum hoses...


10 posts

How to make your Volvo ready for cold(er) temperatures, snow, ice, etc.

Gaskets & Related Pieces

27 posts

Volvo repairs that include Gaskets, O-Rings and similar joiner, separators and surface sealers.

Towing and Hitches

6 posts

Towing, Hitches and hitch wiring for Volvos... what to expect, what to buy, how to tow correctly with your Volvo.

Cars 101

58 posts

Cars 101 category is all about the fundamentals of cars. Not just Volvo, but all cars.

Aftermarket Tuning

60 posts

Chips, tunes, exhaust, suspension mods... this category contains posts about how to make your Volvo accelerate faster, stop shorter, and turn sharper.

Tool Sharing

3 posts

An MVS-run program that loans tools to the Volvo community.


8 posts

Which tires are best for your Volvo? This category features discussion and opinion on what rubber to install on your Volvo.

Volvo Turbo

31 posts

A category for the turbocharger itself.

Volvo News

10 posts

News and headlines about Volvo cars.

Volvo V40 (2013+)

8 posts

This category features the Volvo V40... a small family car, available in five-door hatchback form, that was unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. It has been on sale in mainland Europe since 2012, and the US since 2013.

Volvo V70 & XC70 2008+

12 posts

Discussion and DIY Tutorials on Volvo's third generation Volvo V70 wagon and XC70 crossover.

ECU, TCU, PNP & Modules

48 posts

Volvo Engine Control Unit (ECU), Transmission Control Unit (TCU), Park Neutral Position Switch (PNP), and other various modules.

Volvo Art

2 posts

Paintings, photographs, sculpture and any other form of art that features Volvo cars.