December 29, 2008

Reset Service Message Volvo S80


  1. Turn ignition switch to position I
  2. Press and hold “day counter reset button”
  3. Turn ignition to position II
  4. Continue holding day counter for about 10 seconds
  5. While SRL flashes, release day counter button
  6. Should hear “beep-beep” to confirm command accepted
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3 responses to “Reset Service Message Volvo S80”

  1. johntocallaghan says:

    On my 03 S80.
    Position l is the off position. In order to reset
    the “Service Message” I had to start at position ll and end at position lll.
    Other than that the procedure is correct.

  2. robert kvavik says:

    On my 04 S80awd, I too had to use position 2 and 3 and it cleared the message.

  3. Scottie Bowman says:

    How do I reset my service light on my Volvo xc70 2007

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