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Reset Your Volvo’s Computer = Big Difference

How to do the reset? By simply starving the car’s ECU of electricity.

How to Zero out Your Volvo’s Computer and Make it Re-Learn your Driving Style

Since all 1990s and 2000s Volvos’ ECU’s haveĀ volatile memory and rely on a constant supply of 12 volts DC from the car, disconnecting the battery will do it. Follow the link below for more on this procedure.

“When my MAF sensor went bad, I changed the sensor and the car ran afterwards – but it was reaaaallllyyyy slow until the turbo picked up, and I noticed black smoke out the back. Once I reset the computer, it instantly had its pep back.”

Reset Your Volvo’s ECU

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6 Responses to Reset Your Volvo’s Computer = Big Difference

  1. Milos says:

    No problem

  2. Emil says:

    How do you do it on a V70 2.4T 2001 model? Not sure if disconnecting the battery will do it, or?


  3. ted goldberg says:

    disconnected battery on a 2001 V-70 ATSR 5 cyl non turbo and lost all computers trouble codes and cannot get computer to send any codes ,

    Would not start below 30 degrees , possible ignition or fuel problem

  4. ted goldberg says:

    Not sure how to reset computer , must it be replaced ? Dealer could not pinpoint the problem

  5. Matt says:

    Ted, please register and post your question in the Volvo V70 Forum.

    http://www.matthewsvolvosite.com/register-volvo-forum <- getting started

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