April 29, 2009

S80, 2001+ V70, XC70, S60 Oil & Filter Change Tutorial

The pics are of my 2001 S80 T6 but the procedure should apply to other P2 cars as well.

Tools and supplies you will need: Jack and jackstands, 12mm socket and ratchet, Oil Filter Wrench (band type or special Volvo tool), 17mm socket and ratchet or 17mm end wrench, Oil drain pan, New filter with o-ring, New drain plug aluminum crush washer (optional but recommended), 7 quarts of oil (for a T6 – others may take less), Paper towels or rags, Funnel, Small screwdriver, Torque wrench.

Volvo S80 Oil and Filter Change How-To Tutorial

S80 Oil and Filter Change

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