MVS Search

MVS Search is powered by Google, so the results are probably as good as it gets. Notice there is an "Image" tab on the results window, giving you the opportunity to view images that turned up in the search.

Search for Volvo Problems & Fixes

This uses the power of Google to show you relevant Volvo results of all 100,000+ pages here at MVS.

Or You Can Powersearch


Powersearch is a hybrid of browsing and searching, and it's very powerful because it finds only vetted, quality Volvo Repair Database entries. This is the most focused way to find solutions to your Volvo problems.

Or You Can Browse Repairs

Choose from three ways of looking at the Volvo Repair Database data:

  • View by Category Viewing Volvo repairs by category breaks down the repairs into groups like Engine, Transmission, Interior, etc. It cuts across all models, so after choosing a category, you'll have to look for repairs relating to your car. Very easy to read and understand.

  • View by Model Viewing the Volvo Repair Database by car model -- as you might have guessed -- organizes the 1200+ repairs by car type. This shows fixes limited to just your car. What you lose is the chance that you'll understand your car's problem by reading about the same issue on another Volvo model.

  • Everything This shows the whole long list of repairs, all models, all categories. They're sorted A-Z by title, and the page is very large. Not very useful if you're looking for something specific, but fun to browse.