October 6, 2009

Spark Plug Change Tutorial: Volvo 850, S70, V70, XC70, C70

Spark Plug Change Overview

Volvo’s 5 cylinder engines obviously take 5 spark plugs, and the debate rages as always as to whether Bosh Platinums are better than Champion or NGK. I think that matters less than if they are changed regularly, and gapped correctly. Your Volvo will thank you more for that than putting in one brand of spark plugs over another. — Matt

Do you have a 1999 or newer? If so, you have coils instead of a distributor cap and rotor, and this Spark Plug Change Tutorial will suit you better.

Spark Plug Change Step 1

The tools you are going to need

a. 5 new spark plugs (I used OEM Plugs ordered from FCP Groton (www.fcpgroton.com).

b. A 5/8 socket – specifically for spark plug use – so it is long enough to fit the plugs. I got one for $3.99 from AutoZone and it goes with a standard ratchet.

c. The OEM plugs came gapped to the right amount. The right gap is 0.028″. A gapping tool might be required if you use other plugs. It is good to have a gapping tool anyway – they go for about $0.99 at the local auto store.

d. A T30 Torx head.

e. Some anti-seize thread lubricant. Make sure that it is formulated for high temperature use – It should say so on the back of the tube.

f. A pair of pliers and some WD40 (optional)

Spark Plug Change Step 2

Use the Torx bit to remove the six bolts as shown below. Then remove the black cover.

Spark Plug Change Step 3

This is what the head looks like with the black cover off. You can see the five plugs.

Spark Plug Change Step 4

Disconnect one of the boots. The pictures below show #3 boot disconnected and the plug inside.

Spark Plug Change Step 5

Remove the plug. Following picture shows the old plug.

Spark Plug Change Step 6

Apply a dab of anti-seize to the thread. Be careful not to get any of that grease between the electrodes. Another suggestion I heard was using a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust before installing the new plug.

Spark Plug Change Step 7

Install the new plug. Hand tighten it a “sufficient” amount.

Spark Plug Change Step 8

Reconnect the boot. Check to make sure that the boot is all the way down.

Spark Plug Change Step 9

I found it easier to do one plug at a time – i.e., disconnect boot, remove old plug, install new plug and connect boot. I started with the #5 plug which is by far the hardest to reach and pull out. Unless you have very slender and dexterous fingers – I had to use a pliers to pull #5 out.

Spark Plug Change Step 10

Put the black cover back on. I used some WD40 to clean the rust off the torx screws before reinstalling.

Spark Plug Change Step 11

Start the engine, sit back and appreciate your handiwork. That’s all folks !!

Spark Plug Change Tutorial By Ajay, May 21, 2004

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