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Speed Sensor A: Error Code P0500

Is it the ABS module or the wheel sensor? Hopefully this will clear things up a bit for you.

Speed sensor A – (error code P0500) Help!!!

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2 Responses to Speed Sensor A: Error Code P0500

  1. Bob Craven says:

    I am having trouble with the speed sensor, code 0500. My speedometer will sometimes quit and the fault will light the check engine light as well as the trany fault light. I can clear it and it will return after a while. The speedometer usually restarts after driving a short time. Appears to be a random fault that sets stops the speedometer when in failed mode then corrects itself restarting the speedometer. I replaced the rear speed sensor in the differential with a good used one, but it did not improve the problem. Any ideas?

  2. daren jensen says:

    I had the same problem with my 1998 S70 GLT. Dont be fooled by the indication of the Speed sensor. It is more likely the ABS module. I replaced mine and it fixed the problem. I orderd a module from http://www.midwest-abs.com. instead of a $800 fix at the dealer, they sent me one for $89. Comes with instructions and all you need. The ABS module controls more than the brakes.

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