November 1, 2009

Tutorial – Replacing the Starter Motor 1998 S70

Step-by-Step 1998 S70 starter motor replacement with pictures

I just accomplished this job, here’s how I did it. Please forgive my lack of knowledge of the correct names for many parts, I am a complete amateur and I stumbled my way through with the help of forum members!

For the purposes of this description, left and right will be relative to the person standing in front of the car facing the engine. Also “in front” will then refer to closer to the person.

Symptoms: Key is turned, click is heard but no attempt to turn over. Headlights bright. Jump starting does not coax even an attempt at turn over. ie. not alternator or dead battery, not fuel delivery as it would try to crank then. This car is a manual transmission so no PNP to worry about.

Step by Step – Replacing the starter motor 1998 S70

  1. Replacing Starter
  2. Remote starter
  3. How To Change a Starter
  4. Starter Won’t Disengage
  5. Odometer Fix Tutorial
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