August 26, 2010

Step-by-step Tutorial Replacing Head Gasket: Volvo 5-cyl

This is a link to an outstanding step-by-step tutorial on replacing the head gasket on a Volvo 5-cylinder engine. This is one of the best tutorials on anything Volvo that I’ve seen anywhere.

I was frustrated that there wasn’t “more” info out there about this job, and figured why not do it myself since I was doing the repair myself.

– Tracy, tutorial author

Head Gasket: Volvo 5-cyl

Excellent head gasket replacement tutorial

  1. Volvo Head Gasket – Repair Tips
  2. Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer
  3. Blown Head Gasket Symptoms
  4. Head Gasket – Overheat Problem Identification?
  5. Tutorial – Replacing the Starter Motor 1998 S70
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