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Does my Volvo have Motronic 4.4?

Does my Volvo have Motronic 4.4? Continue reading

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Opinions on Manual Boost Control

In response to a request for opinions on how to safely boost a V70, MVS user pkplok posted this link which is specifically about boosting Volkswagens but should work for Volvos as well. Additionally, user SweedSpeed posted the diagram below … Continue reading

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“628″ R ECUs and 850s

So, I recently installed a 628 ECU and it works great. It feels like I have a little more boost everywhere, not just for 7 seconds, 30 seconds, or whatever the literature claims. This is in a MY94 850.
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Fuel Cutoff w/ Stock ECU + MBC

Click through for a video example of the Volvo ECU cutting fuel after the parameters go off the map. Now that ambient air temperatures are very low, 9°F (-12°C), the air-fuel mixture is so dense that it’s going off the … Continue reading

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How to access ECM & TCM on 850, S70, V70, XC70, C70

How to remove ECU and TCU Modules MVS Forum member gchelidze tells us in text and (24!) photos how to access your ECU and TCU modules from under your Volvo 850, S70, V70, XC70, C70′s hood. He writes: “WARNING: I have … Continue reading


Fast Friday #4 — The Boost Variance Problem

Boost pressure issues seem to be the #2 issue in the Volvo Performance world beaten out only by vacuum leaks. Boost pressure control in the 1994-1998 models is a pretty simple system but for the ECU to manage boost correctly it relies heavily on known base values and settings. If these settings are off or if there are mechanical issues then the boost control system can be out of whack. Continue reading

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Chip Tune vs. Manual Boost Controller

I shot an email over to my favorite Volvo speed genius Lucky, of Active Research & Development, formerly of iPD, MVS sponsor. He was happy to give his thoughts on the question Chip or Manual Boost Controller? Now, I know … Continue reading

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Fast Friday is For Real

So what is Fast Friday exactly? It’s a weekly Volvo Forum post that I start every Thursday night or Friday that talks about performance things. Here’s the first Fast Friday. Here’s the second.

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ARD Green Review

Same MPGs, but with more aggressive driving. If you do this, realize that getting on the highway will be a blast, and still faster than it needs to be on the highway, but not as great if you were to go with an 18/19t and [ARD] blue. (no experience with this). Continue reading

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